Burial Registers

This table lists all entries from the five digitised registers from 1847 to 1993.  There are some 4100+ records.

Use the search box to enter the name you wish to find (minimum 3 letters to narrow the search; wildcards do not work here, nor case specific) eg, to find Ensor and Enser, enter Ens or ens in the search box.

If you find an entry with a plot reference and wish to check on other burials in the same plot, enter the churchyard location in the search box. From 1940 the records for the same plot may be in different registers. eg C B27.

The image under entry image will take you to the entry in the digitised register.

To find out more about the churchyard and to see maps of each section to identify where a grave plot might be, please visit our Churchyard Page.

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