Church @ Home

St Thomas’ Church building currently remains closed. We hope to open soon for personal prayer, once measures are in place to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the building. We are working towards resuming public worship.
In the meantime, join us for worship and fellowship online…

This page is divided into three sections:

  • FAITH – ways to connect with God
  • HOPE – ways to connect with each other and encourage one another
  • LOVE – ways to support those around you who are isolated.

Read down to the end so you don’t miss anything!


Sunday 5th July

available from midnight

This week’s worship

Listen again online at or via the BBC Sounds app.

Speaking into troubled times. The Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, and composer Bob Chilcott explore the power of music to speak into troubled times.

from 9.00am

Worship from the national church

Our service will be the first online prison church service broadcast by the Church of England. Led by Rev Helen Dearnley, the service comes from HMPs Stocken, Low Newton and Pentonville.

Watch again on BBC iPlayer, or online at

Celebrating Florence Nightingale and the NHS.
Katherine Jenkins is in London to mark the birthday of the NHS and Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary, and the archbishop of Canterbury pays tribute to all carers on the frontline.

This week…

8.00pm Monday
Sorry, There will be NO Night Prayer on Monday as the PCC meets tonight.

8.00pm Tuesday
House Group Meeting via Skype
ask for details if you’d like to join in.

7.30pm Thursday
Night Prayer via Zoom.
See the ‘How to Zoom’ section below for instructions of how to join in by telephone or online.

6pm Saturday
Chat & informal prayer via Zoom
See the ‘How to Zoom’ section below for instructions of how to join in by telephone or online.

How to Zoom

join in by telephone

  1. Call 0330 088 5830 at the start time.
  2. A voice will say “Welcome to Zoom. Enter your meeting ID followed by hash”
  3. Type 964 739 137 # on your phone keypad
  4. The voice will ask for a participant ID. Ignore this and just press # again when asked.
  5. You will now be in the meeting.

IF you are joining in by phone or if you find it hard to read a small screen, you may find it helpful to download the service of Night Prayer in the Church of England booklet..

join in online via PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone

click on the black button (If you haven’t done it before, you may be asked to install the zoom app and give permission to use your camera and microphone). You will enter a waiting room until the meeting organiser welcomes you in.


… Stay Supported


We will put you in touch with a real person who will chat on the phone, pray with you, help you with shopping if you’re self-isolating, or try to help in whatever way we can.

If you can offer to help chat on the phone or pray with people, let the church office know. If you are happy to help practically then let us know and we will try to connect volunteers with people who need help.

… Stay Connected

Can you remember when telephones looked like this? We don't just ...

Pick up the phone and call someone

Enjoy a chat with your friends, or bless someone else by phoning them to see how they are. If you don’t have the number of someone from church, contact us and we can put you in touch.

How to join our new WhatsApp group for news alerts across Gedling ...

Join our St Thomas’ group on Whatsapp

Here you can keep in touch with one another, ask for prayer, support each other, encourage each other, share things that are helpful, ask for help, etc.
Encourage others to join.

Follow our pages on facebook

The best place to keep up to date is on this website, but you can also find news of what is happening on our facebook pages. ‘Like’ AND ‘Follow’ our pages in order to stay in touch…

*The Pit Stop, Keresley formerly known as Keresley Village Community Church

Facebook Messenger - What's New | Feed Ride

Join the Coffee Stop group on facebook messenger

This group on facebook messenger brings together people who frequent the ‘Coffee Stop’ on Wednesdays at The Pit Stop, Keresley Village.



… Love Your Neighbour

Image may contain: text that says "Who we are: A partnership of local organisations including your local councillors, Church of England, Baptist Church and Family Hub Centre. What we can do: organise food supplies, cooked meals, shopping, help you get you medication and offer a listening ear."
Image may contain: text
You can download the leaflet here or copies are available from church on request (we can deliver them to you).
Image may contain: text that says "If you are self-isolating self- and need some support, you can call 075 55 60 75 75"
Image may contain: text that says "Remember: Coronavirus is infectious it is important you maintain distance (2 metres), wash your hands regularly and leave things on doorsteps. If you need medical help call 111 or 999 in an emergency. protect others DO NOT go to a a GP or a pharmacist."

… Love One Another

Be kind. Be Gracious. The situation, and people, are going to get fraught. Be salt and light. Keep yourself close to God. Keep watch over yourself. (There’s some hints about supporting your own mental health at Support others, but also receive support yourself.

Be an example and a good influence, whether at home, in the shops or online.

All face-to-face church activities have been suspended until further notice.
THE CHURCH BUILDING IS CLOSED BUT, CHURCH IS OPEN! It is a community of people and we are still here to help each other, and God is with us in the midst of all this!