C&N Name Directory

This name directory covers burials in the new churchyard only from 1940 to May 1988, but not cremations recorded in the central cremations register (CC 1973-1993).

Use the search box to enter the name you wish to find (minimum 3 letters to narrow the search; wildcards do not work here, nor case specific) eg, to find Ensor and Enser, enter Ens or ens in the search box.

The link under ‘entry number and page’ will take you to the entry in the digitised register.  All entries in this register give a plot reference which can be looked up on the section map.

First NameLast NameDate Of BurialEntry Number and PageChurch Yard Location Number
(If Available)
Additional Comments
Sarah JaneKempson27/04/1940Entry 1, Page 1C A3
Ena LilianMawby14/05/1940Entry 2, Page 1C A4
ErnestTreen15/06/1940Entry 3, Page 1C A2
Alice MayFulford02/07/1940Entry 4, Page 1C A7
Derek AnthonyTattersall05/08/1940Entry 5, Page 1C A18
EmilyHurlstone08/08/1940Entry 6, Page 1C A8
Brian ThomasWilkins09/09/1940Entry 7, Page 1C A5
ThomasAldridge17/09/1940Entry 8, Page 1C A9
JohnNichol21/09/1940Entry 9, Page 2C A22
AnnNichol21/09/1940Entry 10, Page 2C A22
AbrahamBacon21/09/1940Entry 11, Page 2C A21
ClaraBacon21/09/1940Entry 12, Page 2C A21
Kitty IreneBacon21/09/1940Entry 13, Page 2C A21
Norman ReginaldFoley02/10/1940Entry 14, Page 2C A10
Frank WilliamShirley12/10/1940Entry 15, Page 2C A11
MargaretCurtis04/11/1940Entry 16, Page 2C A23
Florence RosinaHyam19/11/1940Entry 17, Page 3C A1
John robertEld26/11/1940Entry 18, Page 3C A12
WilliamArnold30/11/1940Entry 19, Page 3C A13
Clifford WilliamBrown02/12/1940Entry 20, Page 3C A17
Richard ThomasPritchard30/12/1940Entry 21, Page 3C A16
William EdwardJones20/01/1941Entry 22, Page 3C A14
HenryRedding27/01/1941Entry 23, Page 3C A15
ElizabethTaylor10/02/1941Entry 24, Page 3C A20
HannahTreen06/03/1941Entry 25, Page 4C A2
RobertNaysmith19/03/1941Entry 26, Page 4C A24
Edwin AlfredClark28/05/1941Entry 27, Page 4C A25
ReginaldMeek01/05/1941Entry 28, Page 4C A26
JohnLincoln02/01/1941Entry 29, Page 4C A39
JamesRobson21/05/1941Entry 30, Page 4C A27
George AlbertCopson31/05/1941Entry 31, Page 4C A28
Mabel Alice HenriettaHarris18/06/1941Entry 32, Page 4C A29
Annie WinifredDean29/09/1941Entry 33, Page 5C A30
CharlesHooper15/11/1941Entry 34, Page 5C A31
CharlesLomas04/12/1941Entry 35, Page 5C A32
Joseph MauriceRichards04/12/1941Entry 36, Page 5C A33
StellaWestwood07/01/1942Entry 37, Page 5C A34
Rose HannahKavenagh28/02/1942Entry 38, Page 5C A35
Walter MerlynJones28/03/1942Entry 39, Page 5C A36
John ThomasOgle04/04/1942Entry 40, Page 5C A37
Thomas HenryYemm08/03/1942Entry 41, Page 6C A38
Frederick GeorgeArmes18/04/1942Entry 42, Page 6C B1
Joseph ArthurHughes27/04/1942Entry 43, Page 6C B2
FlorenceClarke03/05/1942Entry 44, Page 6C B3
Samuel JamesBusby28/05/1942Entry 45, Page 6C B4
Arthur ThomasWharfe27/07/1942Entry 46, Page 6C B5Sgt RAF
Percy GeorgeSpiers30/07/1942Entry 47, Page 6C B6
Glanville GeorgeFord05/08/1942Entry 48, Page 6C B7
Iris IrenePrice13/08/1942Entry 49, Page 7C B8
NellieFinney17/08/1942Entry 50, Page 7C B9
JohnHazlehurst21/08/1942Entry 51, Page 7C B10
LilianDavies09/10/1942Entry 52, Page 7C B11
Marjorie EthelPackwood14/10/1942Entry 53, Page 7C B12
EdithJenkin15/10/1942Entry 54, Page 7C B21
Jane LeylandPratly18/10/1942Entry 55, Page 7C B13
Eveline MarionTownsend22/10/1942Entry 56, Page 7C B14
WilliamMartin28/10/1942Entry 57, Page 8C B15
WilliamFardon31/10/1942Entry 58, Page 8C B16
AlfredMathers02/11/1942Entry 59, Page 8C B22
AdaNicholls04/11/1942Entry 60, Page 8C B17
Kathleen MaguireAshley18/12/1942Entry 61, Page 8C B18
ElsieBowes06/01/1943Entry 62, Page 8C B19
A still born child of F W & L MTern?06/01/1943Entry 63, Page 8C B19
John EdwardPowell19/01/1943Entry 64, Page 8C B20
PeterHopwood29/01/1943Entry 65, Page 9C B23
John WilliamHarrison02/02/1943Entry 66, Page 9C B24
Celia MagdeleneMunns12/02/1943Entry 67, Page 9C B39
George WilliamGregory26/03/1943Entry 68, Page 9C B25
Dennis HaroldParry05/04/1943Entry 69, Page 9C B38
Colin JohnBatchelor05/04/1943Entry 70, Page 9C B26
Mary AnnHooper26/04/1943Entry 71, Page 9C A31
Ernest Fred EricWoodruff04/05/1943Entry 72, Page 9C B27Sgt RAF Died On Active Service
HenryFord11/05/1943Entry 73, Page 10C B28
Ann HoweWoodward17/05/1943Entry 74, Page 10C B29
CharlesDarley03/06/1943Entry 75, Page 10C B30
GertrudeShakespeare09/06/1943Entry 76, Page 10C B31
Reginald HughPeel12/07/1943Entry 77, Page 10C B32
Arthur EdwardPickering26/07/1943Entry 78, Page 10C B33
Arthur GeorgeAsh28/07/1943Entry 79, Page 10C B34
ErnestShakespeare05/08/1943Entry 80, Page 10C B35
HerbertEardley05/08/1943Entry 81, Page 11C B37
Henry ErnestTaylor19/08/1943Entry 82, Page 11C A20
Arthur WilliamWale17/09/1943Entry 83, Page 11C C1
ArthurAskew07/10/1943Entry 84, Page 11C C2
JohnKirk27/10/1943Entry 85, Page 11C C39
George William LeonardWitthrington01/11/1943Entry 86, Page 11C C3
JoanLittleford20/11/1943Entry 87, Page 11C C38
Doris ElizabethRyder09/12/1943Entry 88, Page 11C C4
MariaHutchings09/12/1943Entry 89, Page 12C C37
MariaKirk13/12/1943Entry 90, Page 12C C39
Elsie MayHayward22/12/1943Entry 91, Page 12C C5
Ernest JesseDalton14/01/1944Entry 92, Page 12C C6
RoseStowe25/01/1944Entry 93, Page 12C C7
JohnWhite31/01/1944Entry 94, Page 12C C8
Martha AnnPearson05/02/1944Entry 95, Page 12C C9
FrederickJones10/02/1944Entry 96, Page 12C C10
Elizabeth SarahGodridge15/02/1944Entry 97, Page 13C C11
FannyJones17/02/1944Entry 98, Page 13C C36
EdwardAdkins06/03/1944Entry 99, Page 13C C35
EleanorSmith10/03/1944Entry 100, Page 13C C12
MargaretCostell31/03/1944Entry 101, Page 13C C13
Miriam Ellen BeatriceBoyes11/04/1944Entry 102, Page 13C C34
Annie BarbaraHewitt13/04/1944Entry 103, Page 13C C14
Joseph ThomasWhitmore19/04/1944Entry 104, Page 13C C33
HarriettCastledine22/04/1944Entry 105, Page 14C C15
William JamesDainty04/05/1944Entry 106, Page 14C C32
John WilliamBrown09/06/1944Entry 107, Page 14C C16
Winifred MaryWalsh29/06/1944Entry 108, Page 14C C18
ShirleyTreen30/06/1944Entry 109, Page 14C A2Grandparent's Grave
William FrederickInsley31/08/1944Entry 110, Page 14C C17F/Sgt Died Of Wounds
John ThomasFord08/09/1944Entry 111, Page 14C C31
FrankLeeper16/09/1944Entry 112, Page 14C C30
John Ernest JamesJackson09/10/1944Entry 113, Page 15C C29
Gordon WalterMaxwell19/10/1944Entry 114, Page 15C C28
John WilliamHatfield31/10/1944Entry 115, Page 15C C27
JohnRobins02/11/1944Entry 116, Page 15C C26
Idris LlewelynPritchard29/11/1944Entry 117, Page 15C C25
John MatthewClish02/12/1944Entry 118, Page 15C C19
Thomas ConstableForsyth14/12/1944Entry 119, Page 15C C24
PercyMorgan17/12/1944Entry 120, Page 15C C23
BlodwenRoberts30/12/1944Entry 121, Page 16C C22
CloverAdderley27/02/1945Entry 122, Page 16C C21
DavidPotter14/03/1945Entry 123, Page 16C C20
John ThomasTimms15/03/1945Entry 124, Page 16C D1
Ernest GeorgeRead21/03/1945Entry 125, Page 16C D21
Stanley RalphCrump26/03/1945Entry 126, Page 16C D2
Eliza AnnSlater29/03/1945Entry 127, Page 16C D3
SelinaSimms02/04/1945Entry 128, Page 16C D4
Freda AnnPerry14/04/1945Entry 129, Page 17C A33
JosephSpraggett10/05/1945Entry 130, Page 17C D5
Leslie GranvilleTaylor07/07/1945Entry 131, Page 17C D6
Tom EdwardGreenway08/08/1945Entry 132, Page 17C D7
Thomas HenryMillward10/09/1945Entry 133, Page 17C D9
George JamesHarrison16/08/1945Entry 134, Page 17C D8
Mildred Una GinnettaAlcock22/11/1945Entry 135, Page 17C D10
Peter JohnHayden01/12/1945Entry 136, Page 17C D11
Alice ElizabethPearce21/12/1945Entry 137, Page 18C D12
Soloman BenjaminHughes31/12/1945Entry 138, Page 18C D13
Albert ThomasButtres02/01/1946Entry 139, Page 18C D14
ArthurJones26/01/1946Entry 140, Page 18C D15
AnniePutt31/01/1946Entry 141, Page 18C D16
Eli JohnSmith01/02/1946Entry 142, Page 18C D22
Ada GertrudeGarlick19/02/1946Entry 143, Page 18C D17
John RichardTomes09/05/1946Entry 144, Page 18C D23
Ernest DavidWilliams07/06/1946Entry 145, Page 19C D18
LizzieDainty08/06/1946Entry 146, Page 19C C32
Harry TaylorBambrick12/06/1946Entry 147, Page 19C D39
Sheila MarionFaulconbridge04/07/1946Entry 148, Page 19C D19
Gladys EllaTreen16/07/1946Entry 149, Page 19C D24
Emily IsabelCollins17/07/1946Entry 150, Page 19C D20
IsaacBoyes06/08/1946Entry 151, Page 19C C34
FlorenceMorris08/08/1946Entry 152, Page 19C D25
WilliamBurdett21/08/1946Entry 153, Page 20C D26
Frederick CharlesWickes23/08/1946Entry 154, Page 20C D38
Edwin ThomasHurlstone28/08/1946Entry 155, Page 20C A8
George WilliamPeters18/09/1946Entry 156, Page 20C D27
LouieElliott03/10/1946Entry 157, Page 20C D28
Elsie MaryHayward07/10/1946Entry 158, Page 20C C5
Arthur CharlesMiddleton15/10/1946Entry 159, Page 20C D37
WilliamDolphin22/10/1946Entry 160, Page 20C D36
Alfred JamesAllbutt30/10/1946Entry 161, Page 21C D29
FrancesHobson03/12/1946Entry 162, Page 21C D35
William DavidRussell24/12/1946Entry 163, Page 21C D30
JohnOver30/12/1946Entry 164, Page 21C D34
Reuben John FrederickClark31/12/1946Entry 165, Page 21C D31
EmmaGoode30/01/1947Entry 166, Page 21C E1
DanielNorcup30/01/1947Entry 167, Page 21C D33
Annie ElsieSmith31/01/1947Entry 168, Page 21C E39
PhyllissGordon01/02/1947Entry 169, Page 22C D32
Marguerite DaisyDownes02/04/1947Entry 170, Page 22C E2
John EdwardGardiner05/04/1947Entry 171, Page 22C E38
WilliamBynon08/05/1947Entry 172, Page 22C E30
Emily Sarah Annie ElizabethFreeman09/05/1947Entry 173, Page 22C E21
HildaEllis09/05/1947Entry 174, Page 22C E13
HannahWalker16/05/1947Entry 175, Page 22C E37
Edith ElizabethClark21/05/1947Entry 176, Page 22C E20
GladysWood03/06/1947Entry 177, Page 23C E14
Gertrude AnnieWoodward05/06/1947Entry 178, Page 23C E23
Lilian GracePearson19/06/1947Entry 179, Page 23C E24
MargaretWall09/07/1947Entry 180, Page 23C E3
Ellen MaudClark07/08/1947Entry 181, Page 23C A25
BlandyTown29/08/1947Entry 182, Page 23C B14
ErnestStone01/09/1947Entry 183, Page 23C E4
James FrederickGazey02/09/1947Entry 184, Page 23C D22Ashes
Sarah JaneBrown04/09/1947Entry 185, Page 24C E5
GeorgeBatchelor06/09/1947Entry 186, Page 24C B26
Frederick ArthurAdams16/09/1947Entry 187, Page 24C E25
Alma AnnieBeale17/09/1947Entry 188, Page 24C E19
EllenHarris30/09/1947Entry 189, Page 24C E26
BarbaraReynolds02/10/1947Entry 190, Page 24C E31
Joseph WilliamSpencer04/10/1947Entry 191, Page 24C E7
Kenneth JohnDale13/10/1947Entry 192, Page 24C E12
William JohnSanger18/10/1947Entry 193, Page 25C E36
Willam ErnestHalford24/11/1947Entry 194, Page 25C E8
WilliamArcher10/12/1947Entry 195, Page 25C E27
Ernest HenryEscott20/12/1947Entry 196, Page 25C E32
William AlfredVaisey05/01/1948Entry 197, Page 25C E9
Sarah AliceJones23/01/1948Entry 198, Page 25C E10
Mary Florence AnnWhitelock19/02/1948Entry 199, Page 25C E11
Arthur PercivalMaby07/04/1948Entry 200, Page 25C E28
ThomasPowell14/04/1948Entry 201, Page 26C E29
MelitaAdamson29/05/1948Entry 202, Page 26C E18
AnnGregory28/05/1948Entry 203, Page 26C B25
Leonard GeorgeEvans01/06/1948Entry 204, Page 26C E17
AnnieTimms05/07/1948Entry 205, Page 26C D1
Samuel EdwardSmith20/07/1948Entry 206, Page 26C E15
Alfred CharlesHorobin22/07/1948Entry 207, Page 26C E16
Sydney EllisClarke05/08/1948Entry 208, Page 26C E33
Alfred WilliamNicholls09/08/1948Entry 209, Page 27C E36
RobertIrving17/09/1948Entry 210, Page 27C E34
Arthur CharlesWalton02/10/1948Entry 211, Page 27C E35
Elizabeth HannahBritten11/10/1948Entry 212, Page 27C F21
John EdwardBrimble18/10/1948Entry 213, Page 27C F39
EvelynGarner13/01/1949Entry 214, Page 27C F22
MayNeale16/02/1949Entry 215, Page 27C F23
Wiilliam NoelEvans16/02/1949Entry 216, Page 27C F20
Dorothy VioletProctor18/02/1949Entry 217, Page 28C F25
Frederick RobertNelms21/02/1949Entry 218, Page 28C F38
Lilian DaisyPotter04/03/1949Entry 219, Page 28C F24
Marie FlorenceWhitelock29/03/1949Entry 220, Page 28C E11
Hilda MayGardner11/04/1949Entry 221, Page 28C F26
Anthony ArthurCoppola20/04/1949Entry 222, Page 28C F2
Martha JaneBrindley19/05/1949Entry 223, Page 28C F19
RubyStainton05/07/1949Entry 224, Page 28C F4
Alice EvelynGardner13/07/1949Entry 225, Page 29C F27
Thomas WesleyHolmes27/08/1949Entry 226, Page 29C F28
CharlesReader29/08/1949Entry 227, Page 29C F37
HarryBrooks30/08/1949Entry 228, Page 29C F18
Hannah LouisaKilpatrick31/08/1949Entry 229, Page 29C F3
EdithChatwin31/08/1949Entry 230, Page 29C F15
Ada ElizabethWickes15/10/1949Entry 231, Page 29C D38
WilliamKendrick25/11/1949Entry 232, Page 29C F17
AlfredStokes15/12/1949Entry 233, Page 30C F14
AnnieReading24/12/1949Entry 234, Page 30C F16
AlfredDewis29/12/1949Entry 235, Page 30C F29
Lilian Elizabeth AnnCooper12/01/1950Entry 236, Page 30C F13
ErnestBurwood19/01/1950Entry 237, Page 30C F36
NellieGreen06/02/1950Entry 238, Page 30C F5
Dorothy MayMorgan10/02/1950Entry 239, Page 30C F12
OliverFreeman28/02/1950Entry 240, Page 30C E21
Florence EmilySidaway11/03/1950Entry 241, Page 31C F35
Pauline AugusteLingham15/03/1950Entry 242, Page 31C C11
EvaEdwards04/05/1950Entry 243, Page 31C F11
Ernest WilliamKnight18/05/1950Entry 244, Page 31C F30
EliYemm02/04/1950Entry 245, Page 31C A38
Annie ElizabethHatfield10/10/1950Entry 246, Page 31C C27
William GrantNeale03/01/1951Entry 247, Page 31C F31
George WilliamYardley11/01/1951Entry 248, Page 31C F34
Alfred ErnestStynes03/02/1951Entry 249, Page 32C F10
Arthur SainNutting06/03/1951Entry 250, Page 32C F6
DavidRose17/03/1957Entry 251, Page 32C F32
Thomas RogerFawkes21/03/1951Entry 252, Page 32C F9
CatherineRudd06/04/1951Entry 253, Page 32C F33
Albert DennyEllis12/04/1951Entry 254, Page 32C E13
John HenryThorpe19/05/1951Entry 255, Page 32C F8
SusannahWoodruff01/06/1951Entry 256, Page 32C B27
AmeliaGuest05/06/1951Entry 257, Page 33C F7
EmmaBowden30/06/1951Entry 258, Page 33C G1
DerekBowes13/07/1951Entry 259, Page 33C B19
Francis WalterColtman18/07/1951Entry 260, Page 33C G2
Thomas WilliamDean17/08/1951Entry 261, Page 33C G20
ThomasStewart18/08/1951Entry 262, Page 33C G3
WilliamThornton19/09/1951Entry 263, Page 33C G19
Alice AnnHarrison03/10/1951Entry 264, Page 33C D8
EmilyWhite01/11/1951Entry 265, Page 34C C8
WilliamCampbell02/11/1951Entry 266, Page 34C G12
JohnLewis19/11/1951Entry 267, Page 34C G18
Dorothy EstherBarr19/12/1951Entry 268, Page 34C G17
Margaret DeasMarshall21/12/1951Entry 269, Page 34C G16
LilyWhitehead31/12/1951Entry 270, Page 34C G11
GeorgeHackett26/01/1952Entry 271, Page 34C G15
RoyLawson12/02/1952Entry 272, Page 34C G10
ElizabethFaulkner18/02/1952Entry 273, Page 35C G4
AdaSharp04/03/1952Entry 274, Page 35C G13
BessieShingler06/03/1952Entry 275, Page 35C G14
JamesWallam15/03/1952Entry 276, Page 35C G9
Annie MillientAsh24/03/1952Entry 277, Page 35C B34
ThomasHarris04/04/1952Entry 278, Page 35C G21
Kate EvelynGreenfield28/04/1952Entry 279, Page 35C G8
HarryHarvey03/05/1952Entry 280, Page 35C G7
Edward WallisMartin09/05/1952Entry 281, Page 36C G6
VeraGutram14/06/1952Entry 282, Page 36C G22
SamuelParker23/07/1952Entry 283, Page 36C G5
VincentCoppola02/08/1952Entry 284, Page 36C F1
SimpsonCarpenter20/08/1952Entry 285, Page 36C G23
Thomas TurnbullDunn22/08/1952Entry 286, Page 36C G24
Sarah AnnFardon18/09/1952Entry 287, Page 36C B16
MavisNixon22/09/1952Entry 288, Page 37C G25
ErnestTwaites11/10/1952Entry 289, Page 37C G26
MaggieKendrick18/10/1952Entry 290, Page 37C F17
William HenryMobbs27/10/1952Entry 291, Page 37C G27
Mary JaneMartin24/11/1952Entry 292, Page 37C G28
Michael JohnKevill03/12/1952Entry 293, Page 37C G39
WillliamClarke16/12/1952Entry 294, Page 37C G38
Caroline HannahThornton22/12/1952Entry 295, Page 37C G19
ArthurTaylor08/01/1953Entry 296, Page 38C G37
Thomas AlfredGodridge15/01/1953Entry 297, Page 38C C11
EdwardMartin12/02/1953Entry 298, Page 38C G28
Francis JohnBoyes14/02/1953Entry 299, Page 38C G36
FrankWoodward18/02/1953Entry 300, Page 38C H23
Arthur GeorgeJones23/02/1953Entry 301, Page 38C E10
Florence MayWatts26/02/1953Entry 302, Page 38C H19
Sarah AnnPotter09/03/1953Entry 303, Page 38C C20
AnnLines15/03/1953Entry 304, Page 39C G29
Agnes FlorenceDimbleby03/04/1953Entry 305, Page 39C H37
Violet MayBurwood08/04/1953Entry 306, Page 39C F36
ErnestWard16/04/1953Entry 307, Page 39C G30
ElizaShakespeare18/04/1953Entry 308, Page 39C B35
WilliamNightingale24/04/1953Entry 309, Page 39C G35
ArthurReddington26/05/1953Entry 310, Page 39C G31
John RobertSawyer10/06/1953Entry 311, Page 39C G32
Ellen ElizabethTaylor09/07/1953Entry 312, Page 40C H18
ElizabethGridley10/07/1953Entry 313, Page 40C H1
DavidCummings11/07/1953Entry 314, Page 40C H11
HenryBallett23/07/1953Entry 315, Page 40C G33
Thomas MynddinDavies28/07/1953Entry 316, Page 40C H24
James WilliamGoode25/08/1953Entry 317, Page 40C H25
FlorenceHarris16/09/1953Entry 318, Page 40C H17
Robert HoraceMorris18/09/1953Entry 319, Page 40C H38
John ArthurHingley22/05/1956Entry 387, Page 40C J2
LaviniaBull24/09/1953Entry 320, Page 41C H12
LionelKillpack03/11/1953Entry 321, Page 41C E22
AlbertDutton16/11/1953Entry 322, Page 41C H22
Sarah AnnDuggan04/12/1953Entry 323, Page 41C H26
Sarah AnnHazlehurst11/12/1953Entry 324, Page 41C B10
Mary ElizabethAston29/12/1953Entry 325, Page 41C H36
ElizabethCummings14/01/1954Entry 326, Page 41C H11
Albert EdwardWatts21/01/1954Entry 327, Page 41C H19
ClaraWhitmore25/01/1954Entry 328, Page 42C C33Ashes
George RichardWester12/02/1954Entry 329, Page 42C G34
AliceBuck03/03/1954Entry 330, Page 42C H30
John JosephRichards04/03/1954Entry 331, Page 42C H33
Emma JaneWalton09/03/1954Entry 332, Page 42C E35
OliverSimmons19/03/1954Entry 333, Page 42C H31
Frederick JamesPenn20/03/1954Entry 334, Page 42C H35
ThomasTattersall25/03/1954Entry 335, Page 42C A19
Florence GladysIreland31/03/1954Entry 336, Page 43C H29
NellieGarner09/11/1954Entry 337, Page 43C H39
PhoebeRoberts15/04/1954Entry 338, Page 43C H32
Benjamin ErnestDugmore24/04/1954Entry 339, Page 43C H27
George WilliamHarris04/05/1954Entry 340, Page 43C A29
Ernest WilliamWall05/05/1954Entry 341, Page 43C H34
Lancelotte HaroldKempson03/06/1954Entry 342, Page 43C A3
William RichardKnapp05/06/1954Entry 343, Page 43C H16
Arthur JamesBurdett16/12/1954Entry 341, Page 44C H5
Raymond JohnTaylor24/06/1954Entry 344, Page 44C H15Poss John Raymond Taylor
WalterBowers23/07/1954Entry 345, Page 44C H28
Robert HenryBurton24/08/1954Entry 346, Page 44C H8
Muriel EvansRobson02/10/1954Entry 347, Page 44C H10
Trevor RichardDix23/11/1954Entry 348, Page 44C H7
CatherineAshelford23/11/1954Entry 349, Page 44C H9
BrynwynBerry30/11/1954Entry 350, Page 44C H6
Eva MayGriffiths30/12/1954Entry 352, Page 45C B33
WilliamSpencer11/01/1955Entry 353, Page 45C E7
LucyBull27/01/1955Entry 354, Page 45C H12
MadgeSuffolk29/01/1955Entry 355, Page 45C H4
MaryDolphin09/02/1955Entry 356, Page 45C D36
IdaRobbins19/02/1955Entry 357, Page 45C C26
HerbertIreland06/04/1955Entry 358, Page 45C H29
GertrudeSpraggett28/04/1955Entry 359, Page 45C D5
JohnMoore17/05/1955Entry 360, Page 46C H3
WilliamWoodfield08/06/1955Entry 361, Page 46C H14
EdithGerman01/07/1955Entry 362, Page 46C H13
AlbertShakespeare06/07/1955Entry 363, Page 46C B31
JeanneWatson18/07/1955Entry 364, Page 46C H2
FrankSlater15/09/1955Entry 365, Page 46C D3
Leonard RowleyPitts16/09/1955Entry 366, Page 46C C25Casket Ashes At Foot Of Grave
Emily AnnieWilliams30/09/1955Entry 367, Page 46C D18
GeorgePickering17/10/1955Entry 368, Page 47C J39
Wallace EricFulton31/10/1955Entry 369, Page 47C J38
Sarah AnnAdkins08/11/1955Entry 370, Page 47C J23
Frederick WilliamHughes14/11/1955Entry 371, Page 47C J30
ArthurFisher22/11/1955Entry 372, Page 47C J24
MargaretHolloway01/12/1955Entry 373, Page 47C J29
George EdwardPitman09/12/1955Entry 374, Page 47C J32
George HenryBaker05/01/1956Entry 375, Page 47C J25
LilyHazlewood20/01/1956Entry 376, Page 48C J37
Frederick CharlesCroshaw21/01/1956Entry 377, Page 48C J31
Mary AnnJeffery30/01/1956Entry 378, Page 48C J26
Albert VictorMartin25/02/1956Entry 379, Page 48C J28
WilliamBlackwell14/03/1956Entry 380, Page 48C J18
WilliamWaring22/03/1956Entry 381, Page 48C J27
FlorenceNelson23/03/1956Entry 382, Page 48C J22
Ernest EdwardGridley14/04/1956Entry 383, Page 48C H1
AnnieFlowers21/04/1956Entry 384, Page 49C J33
Charles HenryWebb30/04/1956Entry 385, Page 49C J36
Millie EvelynTaylor10/05/1956Entry 386, Page 49C J17
Charles CastleMcIntosh09/06/1956Entry 388, Page 49C J3
Bernard JohnShipston09/06/1956Entry 389, Page 49C J19
ElizabethBulmer20/07/1956Entry 390, Page 49C J34
LizzieYardley15/08/1956Entry 391, Page 49C F34
Francis JohnPrice16/08/1956Entry 392, Page 50C J35
Gladys MayArcher17/08/1956Entry 393, Page 50C J4
EdithAllbutt24/08/1956Entry 394, Page 50C D29
FrederickYardley10/10/1956Entry 395, Page 50C K34
FrederickGoodall16/10/1956Entry 396, Page 50C J9
John BenjaminHancox19/10/1956Entry 397, Page 50C J8
Joseph ThomasGreenfield30/10/1956Entry 398, Page 50C G8
MarkHead06/11/1956Entry 399, Page 50C J10
ArthurDimbley12/11/1956Entry 400, Page 51C H37
Benjamin CharlesSparks14/11/1956Entry 401, Page 51C J16
Raymond StephenHancock23/11/1956Entry 402, Page 51C J15
HenryFowler08/12/1956Entry 403, Page 51C J14
Florence MayRandle13/12/1956Entry 404, Page 51C J13
Dorothy IsabelFlowers21/12/1956Entry 405, Page 51C J1
Florence MaudFrager05/01/1957Entry 406, Page 51C J5
JosephineOram17/01/1957Entry 407, Page 51C J12
Samuel HumphreyJeffries23/01/1957Entry 408, Page 52C J7
Marie Hermelandine AineeVaisey14/02/1957Entry 409, Page 52C E9
Rupert Ezra CollyRead13/03/1957Entry 410, Page 52C J16
Walter JosephFroggett10/04/1957Entry 411, Page 52C K1
Ellen ElizabethMander10/04/1957Entry 412, Page 52C J6
Thomas HenryAlcock18/04/1957Entry 413, Page 52C D10
HarryBurton25/04/1957Entry 414, Page 52C H8
John AlbertHeath08/05/1957Entry 415, Page 52C J11
DorothyWilliams10/05/1957Entry 416, Page 53C K19
John josephDoyle17/05/1957Entry 417, Page 53C K7
SophiaLuke25/05/1957Entry 418, Page 53C C22
Euphemia AnnCarlisle29/05/1957Entry 419, Page 53C K15
ArthurWhitney07/06/1957Entry 420, Page 53C K2
Sagar FitzgeraldHolden18/07/1957Entry 421, Page 53C K3
Olive DorothyHam19/09/1957Entry 422, Page 53C K4
Thomas Henry JohnHarvey20/09/1957Entry 423, Page 53C K6
Joseph HenryMillet27/09/1957Entry 424, Page 54C K18
Norman EdgarBradford23/10/1957Entry 425, Page 54C K17
James EdwinCooper13/11/1957Entry 426, Page 54C K5
Thomas EdwardMonaghan18/11/1957Entry 427, Page 54C K16
Frederick Ernest HolmesHarrison20/11/1957Entry 428, Page 54C K8
MinnieFord25/11/1957Entry 429, Page 54C B28
HaroldKelsey26/11/1957Entry 430, Page 54C K14
Emily ElizabethDunstan03/12/1957Entry 431, Page 54C K9
Albert GeorgePinks06/12/1957Entry 432, Page 55C K39
Mary BerthiaWhite09/12/1957Entry 433, Page 55C A26
George HenryAllan-Stubbs10/12/1957Entry 434, Page 55C K13
FrankWilkins11/12/1957Entry 435, Page 55C A5
George CharlesBassett21/12/1957Entry 436, Page 55C K10
CharlesScattergood20/01/1958Entry 437, Page 55C K12
Wilfred Albert JohnHolland21/01/1958Entry 438, Page 55C L1
Esther JaneSimmonds28/01/1958Entry 439, Page 55C K20
Frederick JesseToseland30/01/1958Entry 440, Page 56C K21
ArthurTaylor30/01/1958Entry 441, Page 56C J17
Henry CharlesSelvey01/02/1958Entry 442, Page 56C B22
LilySmith26/02/1958Entry 443, Page 56C K38
John AlpheusWalker28/02/1958Entry 444, Page 56C K11
AmyFawkes28/02/1958Entry 445, Page 56C F9
Alice MaudLindon17/03/1958Entry 446, Page 56C L2
BeatriceMorgan19/03/1958Entry 447, Page 56C L19
Arthur FrederickPutt01/04/1958Entry 448, Page 57C K25
HerbertHyam26/04/1958Entry 449, Page 57C A1
Samuel HumphreyAppleton28/04/1958Entry 450, Page 57C L18
BernardSmith24/05/1958Entry 451, Page 57C L3
AliceFaulconbridge31/05/1958Entry 452, Page 57C L5
BenjaminAlcock24/06/1958Entry 453, Page 57C L6
JohnSimms02/07/1958Entry 454, Page 57C D4
Ada RoberthaHancock07/07/1958Entry 455, Page 57C J15
John HenryReading08/08/1958Entry 456, Page 58C F16
HarryPerry20/10/1958Entry 457, Page 58C L9
CatherineClarke22/10/1958Entry 458, Page 58C L7
GeorgeMcCumiskey24/10/1958Entry 459, Page 58C L10
Ada EmmelineNicolds07/11/1958Entry 460, Page 58C L13
Harry jacksonLoomes20/11/1958Entry 461, Page 58C L11
Gertrude AnnieKelly23/12/1958Entry 462, Page 58C K26
Elizabeth maryBroadway08/01/1959Entry 463, Page 58C K28
JohnMcCutcheon10/01/1959Entry 464, Page 59C L14
Emily AlicePitman12/01/1959Entry 465, Page 59C J32
PhoebeWhitehead17/01/1959Entry 466, Page 59C L8
James RolandBennett21/01/1959Entry 467, Page 59C K22
Beatrice LouiseWoodward27/01/1959Entry 468, Page 59C H23
Joan MargaretShufflebotham30/01/1959Entry 469, Page 59C L21
FreerickChandler02/02/1959Entry 470, Page 59C K27
Leslie ArthurThompson11/02/1959Entry 471, Page 59C K24
DanHughes21/02/1959Entry 472, Page 60C L15
Mary LouisaEdwards02/03/1959Entry 473, Page 60C K23
RoseHarvey05/03/1959Entry 474, Page 60C G7
Joseph CharlesAllsop18/03/1959Entry 475, Page 60C L12
John WilliamGarside25/03/1959Entry 476, Page 60C L16
Thomas HenryGreen23/04/1959Entry 477, Page 60C F5
John AlbertWall24/04/1959Entry 478, Page 60C E3
George HenryBadland24/04/1959Entry 479, Page 60C L17
Agnes MarySparkes27/04/1959Entry 480, Page 61C J16
Edward GeorgeWoodward29/04/1959Entry 481, Page 61C E23
LouisaWearing otherwise Waring25/05/1959Entry 482, Page 61C L20
Edward CharlesBritten01/06/1959Entry 483, Page 61C F21
Frederick JamesWearing otherwise Waring01/06/1959Entry 484, Page 61C L20
Victor Percy LawsonSawbridge11/06/1959Entry 485, Page 61C K37
Gertrude EmmaPinks12/06/1959Entry 486, Page 61C K39
Evelyn MayWaring22/06/1959Entry 487, Page 61C L22
WilliamWilson29/05/1959Entry 488, Page 62C K29
Herbert GeorgeSmith01/07/1959Entry 489, Page 62C K36
Michele RoseRobins21/07/1959Entry 490, Page 62C G7
Francis RichardBurbridge24/08/1959Entry 491, Page 62C L23
TerrenceWadsworth24/09/1959Entry 492, Page 62C K35
William HenryCrump05/10/1959Entry 493, Page 62C D2
Charles WilliamSands06/11/1959Entry 494, Page 62C K33
Reginald JamesSadler06/11/1959Entry 496, Page 62C L24
George William ThomasYoung12/11/1959Entry 496, Page 63C K30
Mary Ann SelinaPeters13/11/1959Entry 497, Page 63C D27
Brian johnTruswell30/11/1959Entry 498, Page 63C K31
William McShannonStevenson18/12/1959Entry 499, Page 63C L25
HenrySelvey06/01/1960Entry 500, Page 63C L26
CharlesTreen27/01/1960Entry 501, Page 63C D24
Joseph HenryWatson04/02/1960Entry 502, Page 63C H2
Reginald GeorgeFoley06/02/1960Entry 503, Page 63C A10
EmilyBaker08/02/1960Entry 504, Page 64C J25
Herbert BramwellMortiboys16/02/1960Entry 505, Page 64C L27
Florence HelenColtman18/02/1960Entry 506, Page 64C G2
ThomasMorgan29/02/1960Entry 507, Page 64C F12
ThomasRandle07/03/1960Entry 508, Page 64C L28
Annie ElizabethBurdett21/03/1960Entry 509, Page 64C H5
Florence EmilyMolesworth24/03/1960Entry 510, Page 64C L39
ElizabethWale29/03/1960Entry 511, Page 64C C1
AliceMaby04/04/1960Entry 512, Page 65C E28
Annie ElizabethTaylor27/04/1960Entry 513, Page 65C L29
Sarah EdwardsHughes16/05/1960Entry 514, Page 65C J30
William Allen RobertWinsor26/05/1960Entry 515, Page 65C L30
RoseFord27/05/1960Entry 516, Page 65C C31
FrancisHind01/06/1960Entry 517, Page 65C L38
JaneDenton01/07/1960Entry 518, Page 65C L37And Stillborn Baby
Roy JohnstoneMasters13/07/1960Entry 519, Page 66C L36
JosephSmith20/07/1960Entry 520, Page 66C K38
Francis RobertMunns08/09/1960Entry 521, Page 66C B39
Joseph TheodoreAnderson12/09/1960Entry 522, Page 66C L35
GeraldNutting05/10/1960Entry 523, Page 66C F6Casket Ashes
ThomasBrindley10/10/1960Entry 524, Page 66C F19
WilfredHarris13/10/1960Entry 525, Page 66C H17
GertrudeEllison21/10/1960Entry 526, Page 66C L34
AlbertPackwood25/10/1960Entry 527, Page 67C B12Casket Ashes
Thomas JohnHolloway26/10/1960Entry 528, Page 67C J29
NelllieHorobin21/11/1960Entry 529, Page 67C E16
Edith CarolineButton16/01/1961Entry 530, Page 67C L31
LilyGreenway27/06/1961Entry 581, Page 67C D7
EdwardBlount01/02/1961Entry 582, Page 67C M24
GeorgeHolden18/02/1961Entry 583, Page 67C M1
Thomas LeslieScowen24/02/1961Entry 584, Page 68C L33
HaroldWhitehouse10/03/1961Entry 585, Page 68C M2
DanielGallacher14/03/1961Entry 586, Page 68C M19
Thomas AlfredMander05/06/1961Entry 587, Page 68C J6
HarriettMoore14/01/1961Entry 588, Page 68C H3
Arthur Herbert SamuelWhitehead16/06/1961Entry 589, Page 68C L32
Henry CharlesBeale31/07/1961Entry 590, Page 68C E19
Paul MartinNutting15/08/1961Entry 591, Page 68C F6
Cyril EricHastilow21/08/1961Entry 592, Page 69C M25
CharlesHarrison25/08/1961Entry 593, Page 69C M23
Philip AloysuisPinches29/09/1961Entry 594, Page 69C M18
LilianDewis18/10/1961Entry 595, Page 69C F29
Rose ElizabethBull27/10/1961Entry 596, Page 69C M20
Anne EvelynSmith10/11/1961Entry 597, Page 69C M22
Joseph EnochPearson13/11/1961Entry 598, Page 69C C9
Joseph WalkerAshley29/12/1961Entry 599, Page 69C B18
SusannahRobson04/01/1962Entry 600, Page 70C M21
MinnieOver20/01/1962Entry 601, Page 70C D34
John FosterHunt25/01/1962Entry 602, Page 70C L4
AlphonsoMorgan01/02/1962Entry 603, Page 70C L19
LilyWebb08/02/1962Entry 604, Page 70C J36
GeorgeFlowers05/03/1962Entry 605, Page 70C J33
BeatriceArnold09/03/1962Entry 606, Page 70C M3
Percival SidneyEdwards14/03/1962Entry 607, Page 70C F11
GeorgeGordon16/03/1962Entry 608, Page 71C D32
BenhaminAston19/03/1962Entry 609, Page 71C H36
Frederick JohnJones27/04/1962Entry 610, Page 71C M17
StanleyGreen02/05/1962Entry 611, Page 71C M4
LilyPenn10/05/1962Entry 612, Page 71C H35
OliverHaywood04/06/1962Entry 613, Page 71C M5
Constance AnniePerry26/06/1962Entry 614, Page 71C L9
Mary ElizabethDavies11/08/1962Entry 615, Page 71C M16
EvelynAlcock04/09/1962Entry 616, Page 72C L6
AnnieGilkes11/09/1962Entry 617, Page 72C M15
Robert VincentHaywood05/10/1962Entry 618, Page 72C M6
Amy DoraSpiers24/10/1962Entry 619, Page 72C B6
Raymond SidneyDavies24/10/1962Entry 620, Page 72C M14
Robert RButton31/10/1962Entry 621, Page 72C L31
Muriel ElizabethSaunders13/11/1962Entry 622, Page 72C M13
AlbertHunt03/12/1962Entry 623, Page 72C M7
Freerick JohnRice07/12/1962Entry 624, Page 73C M12
WilliamBoughton11/12/1962Entry 625, Page 73C M26
AliceDugmore24/12/1962Entry 626, Page 73C H27Casket Ashes
Thomas EdwardFulker10/01/1963Entry 627, Page 73C M11
John RobertThompson04/02/1963Entry 628, Page 73C M8
Leonard JosephMoore26/02/1963Entry 629, Page 73C M27
William GeorgeSmith12/03/1963Entry 630, Page 73C M39
MaggieEvans14/03/1963Entry 631, Page 73C F20
William FrankRice02/04/1963Entry 632, Page 74C M9
RoseFoley25/04/1963Entry 633, Page 74C A10
George StanleyHussey20/06/1963Entry 634, Page 74C M10
Thomas WilliamPepper29/07/1963Entry 635, Page 74C M38
Florence GertrudeArcher14/08/1963Entry 636, Page 74C E27
John LeonardJones22/11/1963Entry 637, Page 74C M37
WinifredJones09/12/1963Entry 638, Page 74C M17
Mary AliceHarvey24/01/1964Entry 639, Page 74C M28Formerly Gibson
Helen MariaArnold29/01/1964Entry 640, Page 75C M36
JosephLines22/02/1964Entry 641, Page 75C G29
David JBrown19/03/1964Entry 642, Page 75C M30
ArthurLindon31/03/1964Entry 643, Page 75C L2
Ethel MaryFroggett02/04/1964Entry 644, Page 75C K1
HarryGibson04/05/1964Entry 645, Page 75C N28
JosephFoster15/05/1964Entry 646, Page 75C M31
WilliamWalker25/06/1964Entry 657, Page 75C E37
Bernard JamesBryn09/07/1964Entry 648, Page 76C M35
FredPerry31/07/1964Entry 649, Page 76C M32
Mary AnnieLearoyd20/08/1964Entry 650, Page 76C N1
ArchibaldHaycock02/10/1964Entry 651, Page 76C M34
Robert WilliamBlackwell07/10/1964Entry 652, Page 76C N2
John PollardKearsley16/11/1964Entry 653, Page 76C M33
Arthur JohnFaulconbridge17/11/1964Entry 654, Page 76C D19
JuliaHarris23/11/1964Entry 655, Page 76C G21
WalterJermy04/12/1964Entry 656, Page 77C N39
Colin NevilleSaunders10/12/1964Entry 657, Page 77C M13
PercyEveleigh21/12/1964Entry 658, Page 77C N38
George ThomasHoult08/02/1965Entry 659, Page 77C N37
MargaretEvans13/02/1965Entry 660, Page 77C C17In Grave Of So W F Isley
BlancheRobson19/02/1965Entry 661, Page 77C A27
Letitia MaySmith04/03/1965Entry 662, Page 77C N4
Annie ElizabethButtress16/03/1965Entry 663, Page 77C D14Casket Ashes
FlorrieLooms01/04/1965Entry 664, Page 78C L11
Joh GuestWarren28/04/1965Entry 665, Page 78C N36
Elizabeth FergusonEdmonds01/06/1965Entry 666, Page 78C N35
EthelSmith29/06/1965Entry 667, Page 78C K36
Mary ElizabethCalvert09/07/1965Entry 669, Page 78C N32
MatthewKelly15/07/1965Entry 670, Page 78C K26
Emma ElizabethHunt26/07/1965Entry 671, Page 78C L4
GeorgeWaring30/07/1965Entry 672, Page 79C N21
Richard JohnSullivan17/09/1965Entry 673, Page 79C N27
George WilliamButler15/10/1965Entry 674, Page 79C N22
ChristopherChadband26/10/1965Entry 675, Page 79C N23
William HenryCastledine29/10/1965Entry 676, Page 79C C15
Florence ElizabethCross05/11/1965Entry 677, Page 79C N25
Ronald RaymondRichardson23/11/1965Entry 678, Page 79C N24
HenryStowe24/11/1965Entry 679, Page 79C C7
MiriamGane26/11/1965Entry 680, Page 80C N33
AlbertBrownsword08/12/1965Entry 681, Page 80C N31
WilliamMilligan29/12/1965Entry 682, Page 80C N5
AlfredWhittaker30/12/1965Entry 683, Page 80C A40
PhineasMiles04/01/1966Entry 684, Page 80C B40
Charles WilliamGordon10/01/1966Entry 685, Page 80C N30
Henry LouisCheyne15/01/1966Entry 686, Page 80C N26
Agnes EllenEdgington18/01/1966Entry 687, Page 80C N18
AnnieJermy31/01/1966Entry 688, Page 81C N39
SamuelPitchford25/02/1966Entry 689, Page 81C N17
John Nairn MalcolmCochrane24/03/1966Entry 690, Page 81C N16
Alfred JohnHorobin28/03/1966Entry 691, Page 81C H40
Ernest WilliamDigings20/04/1966Entry 692, Page 81C B27
HarryClarke28/04/1966Entry 693, Page 81C E20
Fanny Mary ElizabethSmith20/05/1966Entry 694, Page 81C J40
Hilda DorisHenderson09/06/1966Entry 695, Page 81C D40
GeorgeBlount20/06/1966Entry 696, Page 82C G40
Mildred MayDutton04/07/1966Entry 697, Page 82C H22
AbrahamAdkins05/07/1966Entry 698, Page 82C J23
John CharlesSykes08/07/1966Entry 699, Page 82C C40
AlfredTayler28/07/1966Entry 700, Page 82C E40
Cyril WilliamLukehurst05/08/1966Entry 701, Page 82C F40
EricSlater04/10/1966Entry 702, Page 82C K40
SydneyJermy21/10/1966Entry 703, Page 82C N40
EmmaSpencer07/11/1966Entry 704, Page 83C N12
Frederick AugustusHarris09/11/1966Entry 705, Page 83C N10
ArthurColes18/11/1966Entry 706, Page 83C N14
John HenryLukehurst24/11/1966Entry 707, Page 83C L40
AnnieBusby08/12/1966Entry 708, Page 83C B4
Benjamin HelbourneGollop19/12/1966Entry 709, Page 83C N9
Wailliam HenryMorgan28/12/1966Entry 710, Page 83C N8
FawcettBrewin30/12/1966Entry 711, Page 83C J26
Stephen RonaldLayton26/01/1967Entry 712, Page 84C M40
Phyllis AnnHarrow15/02/1967Entry 713, Page 84C N15
William LeslieBlackwell15/02/1967Entry 714, Page 84C N7
MarianBurnell17/02/1967Entry 715, Page 84C N11
GeorgeWileman29/03/1967Entry 716, Page 84C N19
JabezRandle10/04/1967Entry 717, Page 84C N13
Grant RussellPalmer15/04/1967Entry 718, Page 84C N20
JohnBlount02/05/1967Entry 719, Page 84C P32
GeorgeFinch03/05/1967Entry 720, Page 85C P40
JamesCross18/05/1967Entry 721, Page 85C N25
DonaldSmith18/05/1967Entry 722, Page 85C P19
RoderickRogers19/05/1967Entry 723, Page 85C P39
SarahToseland06/07/1967Entry 724, Page 85C K21
Gertrude FlorenceCross19/07/1967Entry 725, Page 85C H25
Arthur Frederick WilliamPearson10/08/1967Entry 726, Page 85C E24
Henrietta MayNutting24/08/1967Entry 727, Page 85C F6
Marie KathleenSimpkins04/09/1967Entry 728, Page 86C P27
CharlesBull05/09/1967Entry 729, Page 86C H12
RaymondJones05/09/1967Entry 730, Page 86C P35
Thomas ScattergoodDugan(Duggan)15/09/1967Entry 731, Page 86C H26
Frank JohnDeMarco22/09/1967Entry 732, Page 86C P21"This Is An Exceptionally Large Coffin!" Died Active Service Vietnam
LeonardBailey27/09/1967Entry 733, Page 86C N29
Edgar VincentButtle03/10/1967Entry 734, Page 86C P22
WilliamOverton05/10/1967Entry 735, Page 86C P31
Emma JaneCarnell06/07/1965Entry 668, Page 87C N34
ThomasFinney13/10/1967Entry 736, Page 87C B9
RobertBulwer24/10/1967Entry 737, Page 87C J34
GeorgeOrton18/12/1967Entry 738, Page 87C P18
CatherineHughes21/12/1967Entry 739, Page 87C L15
Francis ElizabethStone21/12/1967Entry 740, Page 87C E4
JosephRossi27/12/1967Entry 741, Page 87C P15
David Richard RaymondJones03/01/1968Entry 742, Page 87C P34
Ada MayYemm09/01/1968Entry 743, Page 87C P17
Edward GeorgeWebb12/01/1968Entry 744, Page 88C P12
Ann ElizabethShields22/01/1968Entry 745, Page 88C P1
AdaWebber29/01/1968Entry 746, Page 88C P3
William JamesGreen16/02/1968Entry 747, Page 88C P5
Francis Joseph BurdettSparrow19/02/1968Entry 748, Page 88C P7
HelenManning28/02/1968Entry 749, Page 88C P2
Ida LottieBryn05/03/1968Entry 750, Page 88C M35
Betty HelenaDunn15/05/1968Entry 751, Page 88C M22Casket Ashes
William LeonardHayes15/05/1968Entry 752, Page 89C P23
Gladys Hild HannahSlater29/05/1968Entry 753, Page 89C P25
Arthur ThomasHadley31/05/1968Entry 754, Page 89C P4
David MauriceBurnell13/06/1968Entry 755, Page 89C P11
Ada ElizabethBeal18/06/1968Entry 756, Page 89C P29
GediminasSaukaitis26/06/1968Entry 757, Page 89C P8
EdwardAbbott26/06/1968Entry 758, Page 89C P24
Betty Rosita SusanHoleston02/08/1968Entry 759, Page 89C J12
Phoebe MaudHemmingway02/08/1968Entry 760, Page 90C P26
Francis MaudBlount07/08/1968Entry 761, Page 90C M24
GeorgeClements16/08/1968Entry 762, Page 90C P6
FlorenceCooper29/08/1958Entry 763, Page 90C P28
Andrew JohnHeggie30/08/1968Entry 764, Page 90C P9
AnnieStowe05/09/1968Entry 765, Page 90C P30
Elizabeth AnnWallam19/09/1968Entry 766, Page 90C G9
Ada EmmaJones10/10/1968Entry 767, Page 90C P34
Minnie AdaJohnson16/10/1968Entry 768, Page 91C P13
Roy DawsonWadsworth22/10/1968Entry 769, Page 91C Q1
Frederick JamesClarke30/10/1968Entry 770, Page 91C P20
Gwendoline BerthaHudson01/11/1968Entry 771, Page 91C B12
LewisHope07/11/1968Entry 772, Page 91C Q2
Albert John EdwardSimpkins20/11/1968Entry 773, Page 91C P27
Margaret EllenCastledine26/11/1968Entry 774, Page 91C Q3
Frederick HaroldTaylor04/12/1968Entry 775, Page 91C P16
Francis KateHalford04/12/1968Entry 776, Page 92C E8
JoanWoodward10/12/1968Entry 777, Page 92C B29
Hilda AnnKeeling11/12/1968Entry 778, Page 92C P36
Mary EllenCoppola30/12/1968Entry 779, Page 92C F1
Esther MayEdwards31/12/1968Entry 780, Page 92C Q5
WinifredFletcher13/01/1969Entry 781, Page 92C P37
William Matthew MalcolmWard13/01/1969Entry 782, Page 92C P33
Sarah JaneRawlinson16/01/1969Entry 783, Page 92C P38
JohnShakespeare17/01/1969Entry 784, Page 93C Q6
JacquelineWhite24/01/1969Entry 785, Page 93C P10
Ethel GertrudeGreen20/02/1969Entry 786, Page 93C P5
RolandTroth21/02/1969Entry 787, Page 93C Q7
RoseDalton28/02/1969Entry 788, Page 93C C6
WilfredSmith05/03/1969Entry 789, Page 93C Q8
William MichaelWard08/03/1969Entry 790, Page 93C P33
Elish (Elizabeth)Bambrick11/03/1969Entry 791, Page 93C D39
RhodaFlower14/03/1969Entry 792, Page 94C Q12
Ada ElizabethBlackwell25/04/1969Entry 793, Page 94C J18
Florence IsabelHingley07/05/1969Entry 794, Page 94C J2
Richard HenryFowler29/05/1969Entry 795, Page 94C J14
Blanche EleanorHewitt26/06/1969Entry 796, Page 94C Q9
Ethel MaryShakespeare26/06/1969Entry 797, Page 94C Q6
Elizabeth AnnMason27/06/1969Entry 798, Page 94C Q13
Ernest EricWileman07/07/1969Entry 799, Page 94C Q14
Mary ElizabethPutt07/08/1969Entry 800, Page 95C K25
Harry RoyMedlam25/08/1969Entry 801, Page 95C Q20
Ivy BeatricePinches11/09/1969Entry 802, Page 95C M18
BerylWilliams12/09/1969Entry 803, Page 95C Q15
HerbertLloyd03/10/1969Entry 804, Page 95C Q17
Leslie JamesWilliams16/10/1969Entry 805, Page 95C Q16
CharlesStowe20/10/1969Entry 806, Page 95C P30
Florence AnnBassett24/10/1969Entry 807, Page 95C K10
John EdwardRobinson05/11/1969Entry 808, Page 96C Q18
John WilliamKeeling14/11/1969Entry 809, Page 96C P36
AnnieAllen15/12/1969Entry 810, Page 96C Q19
Frances MayNicholls22/12/1969Entry 811, Page 96C Q21
Emily Kate IsobelButter31/12/1969Entry 812, Page 96C Q24
AnnieHarrison01/01/1970Entry 813, Page 96C Q27
Alice SarahEscott05/01/1970Entry 814, Page 96C E32
Mary AliceMillett06/01/1970Entry 815, Page 96C K18
William RobertLipscombe27/01/1970Entry 816, Page 97C Q22
Winifred MaySpicer29/01/1970Entry 817, Page 97C Q25
Frances MayHarris30/01/1970Entry 818, Page 97C D15
ThomasJones16/02/1970Entry 819, Page 97C Q28
SamuelGill25/02/1970Entry 820, Page 97C Q30
Lewis RichardArnold27/02/1970Entry 821, Page 97C M3
Charles SamuelManning06/03/1970Entry 822, Page 97C P2
Albert GeorgeBrown20/03/1970Entry 823, Page 97C E6Casket Ashes
Gertrude Elizabeth MaryRussell19/05/1970Entry 824, Page 98C D30
George RobertRyder22/05/1970Entry 825, Page 98C Q26
AnnieReeves28/05/1970Entry 826, Page 98C Q23
Kelvin OliverThomas29/05/1970Entry 827, Page 98C Q29
Bridget MaryCampbell12/06/1970Entry 828, Page 98C Q32
Elsie AdaSykes22/06/1970Entry 829, Page 98C Q31
DionizySliwowski26/06/1970Entry 830, Page 98C Q34
Leonard JamesHall06/07/1970Entry 831, Page 98C Q33
John AlbertWadsworth24/07/1970Entry 832, Page 99C Q4
Winifred MayDale30/07/1970Entry 833, Page 99C E12
Doris Sarah LucyDavis30/07/1970Entry 834, Page 99C Q35
May Victoria JublileeRudderham05/08/1970Entry 835, Page 99C Q36
Lucy WilheminaOddy07/09/1970Entry 836, Page 99C Q37
Mary Violet ElizabethClarke09/09/1970Entry 837, Page 99C Q38
JohnJones16/09/1970Entry 838, Page 99N 1A
VioletStokes18/09/1970Entry 839, Page 99N 1D
Gloria JanetThornsell05/10/1970Entry 840, Page 100N 1B
ThomasMears06/10/1970Entry 841, Page 100N 1E
Frank LesliePrice08/10/1970Entry 842, Page 100N 1G
JohnHowarth23/10/1970Entry 843, Page 100N 1C
Thomas BakerTroth26/10/1970Entry 844, Page 100N 1F
James EdwardDuckett28/10/1970Entry 845, Page 100N 1H
Katleen JaneWallam11/11/1970Entry 846, Page 100N 1J
AnnieLee12/11/1970Entry 847, Page 100N 1L
JaneSwarbrick12/11/1970Entry 848, Page 101N child 1
ChrstopherKerr23/11/1970Entry 849, Page 101N 1K
BeatriceGazey01/12/1970Entry 850, Page 101C D22Casket Ashes
Mary MargaretBoller10/12/1970Entry 851, Page 101N 1M
ArthurHingley22/12/1970Entry 852, Page 101C J2
Marjorie WinifredSwiadek15/01/1971Entry 853, Page 101N 1N
Grace MarionWebb26/01/1971Entry 854, Page 101C P12
Doris MayJones02/03/1971Entry 855, Page 101N 1P
Irene MayOverton29/03/1971Entry 856, Page 102C P31
EllenAppleton08/04/1971Entry 857, Page 102C L18
WilliamDavis15/04/1971Entry 858, Page 102N 1Q
Edith AnnJessop29/04/1971Entry 859, Page 102N 1R
Colin FrederickFrench07/05/1971Entry 860, Page 102N 1S
Thomas WilliamSummers07/05/1971Entry 861, Page 102N 2A
Stephen Sydney SharrotSmith14/05/1971Entry 862, Page 102N 1T
WilliamSpencer19/05/1971Entry 863, Page 102C N12
John RobertCooper24/05/1971Entry 864, Page 103N 1W
Jacqueline RosemaryDavis28/05/1971Entry 865, Page 103C P1
CarolMuncey04/06/1971Entry 866, Page 103N child 2
HarrySlater11/06/1971Entry 867, Page 103C P25
ElizabethFisher02/07/1971Entry 868, Page 103C J24
Sidney JohnReeves13/07/1971Entry 869, Page 103C Q23
LilianHaddon20/07/1971Entry 870, Page 103C E22
CyrilMunns27/07/1971Entry 871, Page 103N 2B
ElizabethWhitney09/08/1971Entry 872, Page 104C K2
Andrea JayneWalker24/08/1971Entry 873, Page 104N 2C
Arthur JamesWood24/08/1971Entry 874, Page 104C E14
Ernest Joseph HenryBrickley27/08/1971Entry 875, Page 104N 2F
DoraPattison27/08/1971Entry 876, Page 104N 2D
AdaJohnson06/09/1971Entry 877, Page 104C L34
Edith AnnieMcKenna07/10/1971Entry 878, Page 104N 2E
Fanny MariaHaytree16/11/1971Entry 879, Page 104N 2G
Arthur HenryBrooks18/11/1971Entry 880, Page 105N 2H
Annie MariaBurrows22/11/1971Entry 881, Page 105N 2J
ErnestCastledine19/11/1971Entry 882, Page 105C Q3
Betsy SarahCharlton02/12/1971Entry 883, Page 105N 2K
Ingrid Gisela CharlotteDouglas09/12/1971Entry 884, Page 105N 2L
Lily MaudHawken14/12/1971Entry 885, Page 105N 2M
LeslieRudd17/12/1971Entry 886, Page 105C F33
Bernard RonaldHunt21/12/1971Entry 887, Page 105N 2N
NormanEdwards23/12/1971Entry 888, Page 106C K23
JohnRanson31/12/1971Entry 889, Page 106N 2P
HarryRudderham06/01/1972Entry 890, Page 106C Q36
Leslie Victor MontagueJoseph07/01/1972Entry 891, Page 106N 2Q
MatthewHind14/01/1972Entry 892, Page 106C L38
Frederick JosephProctor17/01/1972Entry 893, Page 106N 2V
BenjaminTrevis24/01/1972Entry 894, Page 106N 3A
Laurence HerbertStowe24/01/1972Entry 895, Page 106N 3V
Florence EllenPrice31/01/1972Entry 896, Page 107C J35
ChristineButtle16/02/1972Entry 897, Page 107N 3U
Mary JaneDarley21/02/1972Entry 898, Page 107C B30
HerbertEdwards25/02/1972Entry 899, Page 107N 3B
JamesCarlisle25/02/1972Entry 900, Page 107C K15
Gladys MaudAdams28/02/1972Entry 901, Page 107C E25
Florence LillianStanley29/02/1972Entry 902, Page 107N 3C
AngelaHarris09/03/1972Entry 903, Page 107N 3G
SidneyDowse10/03/1972Entry 904, Page 108C Q40
Horace ArthurTaylor15/03/1972Entry 905, Page 108N 3D
EllenSawbridge20/03/1972Entry 906, Page 108C K37
Kate AlfordArthers24/03/1972Entry 907, Page 108N 2R
Florence EmilyNicholls29/03/1972Entry 908, Page 108N 2S
Ellen MaryPugh12/04/1972Entry 909, Page 108N 3H
MichaelMcCann14/04/1972Entry 910, Page 108N 3N
LouiseBryant19/04/1972Entry 911, Page 108N 3L
AlfredBowen26/04/1972Entry 912, Page 109N 3Q
ArthurBowsher26/04/1972Entry 913, Page 109N 3J
Thomas StanleyJones27/04/1972Entry 914, Page 109N 4V
GeorgeBatey04/05/1972Entry 915, Page 109N 2V
EdwardJones19/05/1972Entry 916, Page 109N 3K
IreneBennett11/05/1972Entry 917, Page 109N 3EKnown As Styjec
WilliamWalton10/07/1972Entry 918, Page 109N 3F
Elsie MayThorpe10/07/1972Entry 919, Page 109C F8
LydiaMartin10/07/1972Entry 920, Page 110N 3M
HerbertDavis27/07/1972Entry 921, Page 110C Q35
David WilliamNicholls22/08/1972Entry 922, Page 110N 2S
GlynEdwards30/08/1972Entry 923, Page 110N 3R
BernardBirch04/09/1972Entry 924, Page 110N 4U
Edith MaryOsborne12/09/1972Entry 925, Page 110N 3P
Thomas AlfonzoCollins21/09/1972Entry 926, Page 110N 2T
Francis ColldgePearce28/09/1972Entry 927, Page 110C D12
Bridget AnnFrawley29/09/1972Entry 928, Page 111N 4B
JamesTrew10/10/1972Entry 929, Page 111N 3S
Florence EvaFaulconbridge20/10/1972Entry 930, Page 111C D19
JohnHaywood02/11/1972Entry 931, Page 111OCY(See Register)
PeterTrow06/11/1972Entry 932, Page 111N 4T
Stephen JohnBuckland10/11/1972Entry 933, Page 111N 3T
Alice ElizabethLong16/11/1972Entry 934, Page 111C J7
Hanna LenaBurten21/11/1972Entry 935, Page 111N 4C
Lavinia AnnLydon24/11/1972Entry 934, Page 112N 4S
GeorgeJenkins24/11/1972Entry 937, Page 112N 4M
EllenJenkins01/12/1972Entry 938, Page 112N 4M
Horace Ernest CliffordFish07/12/1972Entry 939, Page 112N 1R
Richard HenryRadford14/12/1972Entry 940, Page 112N 4K
TerenceDouglas15/12/1972Entry 941, Page 112N 4Q
Norah KathleenWhitehead21/12/1972Entry 942, Page 112C L32
DouglasGibson28/12/1972Entry 943, Page 112N 4D
Elsie EllenStevens01/01/1973Entry 944, Page 113N 4N
HarryNorcup22/01/1973Entry 945, Page 113N 4G
Geoffrey JohnCroshaw24/01/1973Entry 946, Page 113N 4F
RobertMarshall25/01/1973Entry 947, Page 113C G16
CharlesButress01/02/1973Entry 948, Page 113C D14
FrankWhitehead08/02/1973Entry 949, Page 113N 4E
Amy EmilyMawle09/02/1973Entry 950, Page 113N 4L
JackWileman03/03/1973Entry 951, Page 113N 5V
AnnieHoward08/03/1973Entry 952, Page 114N 4P
RichardTurner09/03/1973Entry 953, Page 114N 4H
Shane JohnRoss26/03/1973Entry 954, Page 114N child 3
Lynda AnneStrong27/03/1973Entry 955, Page 114N 5B
Gladys LauraNelson28/03/1973Entry 956, Page 114C J22
AlfredChambers03/04/1973Entry 957, Page 114N 5U
JavoMilanovic12/04/1973Entry 958, Page 114N 5N
Clifford LlewellynSaunders21/04/1973Entry 959, Page 114N 5K
Isabel, otherwise IsabellaWilson27/04/1973Entry 960, Page 115N 5G
Mavis DoreenGodfrey27/04/1973Entry 961, Page 115N 5D
Henry PhiloBarlow04/06/1973Entry 962, Page 115N 5T
EdithSmith14/06/1973Entry 963, Page 115N 1T
JosephHunter15/06/1973Entry 964, Page 115N 5P
CynthiaGrout29/06/1973Entry 965, Page 115N 5S
LilianBarlow30/07/1973Entry 966, Page 115N 5T
Catherine MayFoster06/08/1973Entry 967, Page 115N 5R
Nancy InglisRobson15/08/1973Entry 968, Page 116C A27
MaelineClements12/09/1973Entry 969, Page 116N 5M
Tracey Anne JaneFletcher21/09/1973Entry 970, Page 116N child 4
Mary Ann MaudCook27/09/1973Entry 971, Page 116N 5L
Ethel AdaMartin03/10/1973Entry 972, Page 116C J28
Ada MayHarris30/10/1973Entry 973, Page 116N 4J
Marjorie IreneWorthington07/11/1973Entry 974, Page 116N 5H
Charles WilliamGregory08/11/1973Entry 975, Page 116N 5F
John ThomasBrindley08/11/1973Entry 976, Page 117N 5C
Ethel LucyPackwood15/11/1973Entry 977, Page 117C B12Interrment Of Ashes
Robert RalphPemberton16/11/1973Entry 978, Page 117N 5Q
VioletWalker23/11/1973Entry 979, Page 117N 6V
Hilda LydiaRumble14/12/1973Entry 980, Page 117N 5E
Magraret RoseBrooks14/12/1973Entry 981, Page 117N 5J
James MesseLongworth20/12/1973Entry 982, Page 117N 6B
LaviniaLeeper08/01/1974Entry 983, Page 117C C30
Leonard HenrySidaway18/01/1974Entry 984, Page 118C F35
Arthur ErnestCook21/01/1974Entry 985, Page 118N 6C
SamuelBevins14/02/1974Entry 986, Page 118N 6U
Elsie RoseWilcox22/02/1974Entry 987, Page 118N 6D
ReginaldSadler28/02/1974Entry 988, Page 118C L24
Beatrice EllenHughes15/03/1974Entry 989, Page 118N 6T
LlewelynRoberts15/03/1974Entry 990, Page 118N 6E
Charles BenjaminHollis18/03/1974Entry 991, Page 118N 6S
Frederick George CophillBreeze21/03/1974Entry 992, Page 119N 6R
KennethRostron08/04/1974Entry 993, Page 119N 6G
Charles Solomon ChristopherScaysbrook12/04/1974Entry 994, Page 119N 6Q
Olive CeliaHodson12/04/1974Entry 995, Page 119N 6F
EdithClements22/04/1974Entry 996, Page 119C P6
Arthur HubertJessop02/05/1974Entry 997, Page 119N 1R
AndrewCosgrove03/05/1974Entry 998, Page 119N 6P
Ceridwen LauraJoyce06/05/1974Entry 999, Page 119N 6H
Thomas WebsterSymonds06/05/1974Entry 1000, Page 120N 6L
Florence EdithQuimby08/05/1974Entry 1001, Page 120N 6N
AnnHossack16/05/1974Entry 1002, Page 120C H33
Dorothy JeanFitzgerald17/05/1974Entry 1003, Page 120N 6J
Florence ElizabethEdwards20/05/1974Entry 1004, Page 120N 7B
Marguerite JoyceRaven31/05/1974Entry 1005, Page 120C N38
Lilian MayBlackwell12/06/1974Entry 1006, Page 120C N7
Beatrice LouiseCubbon24/06/1974Entry 1007, Page 120N 7D
Laurence MurdochBrown05/07/1974Entry 1008, Page 121N 6M
Vera MaryPanton09/07/1974Entry 1009, Page 121N 6K
Joseph ShakespeareStevens12/07/1974Entry 1010, Page 121N 7V
Ellen MaryHoult17/07/1974Entry 1011, Page 121C N37
LilyHaywood18/07/1974Entry 1012, Page 121C M5
RosemarieJones23/07/1974Entry 1013, Page 121N 7C
Albert ErnestPrice05/08/1974Entry 1014, Page 121N 7G
Dorothy ElizabethKing23/08/1974Entry 1015, Page 121N 7F
AustinSmith09/07/1974Entry 1016, Page 122N 7H
WilliamLowe12/09/1974Entry 1017, Page 122N 7E
GladysPerry11/10/1974Entry 1018, Page 122N 7J
Herbert EdwardLloyd14/10/1974Entry 1019, Page 122N 7U
EllenMiddleton18/10/1974Entry 1020, Page 122C D37
Ralph GilbertElliott24/10/1974Entry 1021, Page 122C D28
JoanButtress24/10/1974Entry 1022, Page 122N 7T
lilianGardiner26/10/1974Entry 1023, Page 122N 7K
Mary ElizabethRedding30/10/1974Entry 1024, Page 123N 7L
Ethel LeahRandle30/10/1974Entry 1025, Page 123C N13
EdgarJones01/11/1974Entry 1026, Page 123N 7S
James CharlesGood04/11/1974Entry 1027, Page 123N child 5
Lilian MaudReddington15/11/1974Entry 1028, Page 123C G31
Thomas GeorgeBurnard18/11/1974Entry 1029, Page 123N 7M
JohnLogan12/12/1974Entry 1030, Page 123N 7R
Charles EdwinCooper01/02/1975Entry 1031, Page 123C P28
AnnieWard01/02/1975Entry 1032, Page 124C G30
Kenneth ArthurKing05/02/1975Entry 1033, Page 124N 7F
Clifford PercyWaters05/02/1975Entry 1034, Page 124N 7Q
Elizabeth AnnCochrane07/02/1975Entry 1035, Page 124N 8B
Jane Isabella TilleyNichol12/02/1975Entry 1036, Page 124C A22
Elsie VioletMasters19/02/1975Entry 1037, Page 124C G37
Samuel EvanDavies01/03/1975Entry 1038, Page 124N 7N
William EdwardEvans05/03/1975Entry 1039, Page 124N 7P
Irene BlancheEvans07/03/1975Entry 1040, Page 125N 8C
Charles William LotWard07/03/1975Entry 1041, Page 125N 8F
Edna EleanorSharp17/03/1975Entry 1042, Page 125N 8M
Wiliam BenjaminNicholls18/03/1975Entry 1043, Page 125C Q21
Richard PercivalNichol27/03/1975Entry 1044, Page 125N 8J
Ada ElizabethTrew21/04/1975Entry 1045, Page 125N 3S
Thomas GordonMcCafferty28/04/1975Entry 1046, Page 125N 8D
WilliamPearce01/05/1975Entry 1047, Page 125N 8G
Winifred AnnRadbourne01/05/1975Entry 1048, Page 126N 8K
Sidney GeorgeHarris09/05/1975Entry 1049, Page 126N 8N
Laura EvelynBoughton12/05/1975Entry 1050, Page 126C M26
Gladys MaryHarwood03/06/1975Entry 1051, Page 126N 8Q
georgeCallender06/06/1975Entry 1052, Page 126N 8S
ClaraParker19/06/1975Entry 1053, Page 126C G5
Frederick WilliamGardner27/06/1975Entry 1054, Page 126N 8T
SusanFrench16/06/1975Entry 1055, Page 126N 1S
Florence MayBeaufoy30/07/1975Entry 1056, Page 127N 9B
Ellen ElizabethGibson06/08/1975Entry 1057, Page 127C N28
JohnVickers27/08/1975Entry 1058, Page 127N 8UAlso Says 3 Sep
CatherineMallows09/09/1975Entry 1059, Page 127N 10B
FrankDixon10/09/1975Entry 1060, Page 127N 9C
Kathleen AliceLogan19/09/1975Entry 1061, Page 127N 7R
Mary Jane SophiaBlount23/09/1975Entry 1062, Page 127C P32
AnnieHarrison24/09/1975Entry 1063, Page 127C M23
Ryan PaulKoczkowski30/09/1975Entry 1064, Page 128N child 63 Hours
Elsie AdelineStokes09/10/1975Entry 1065, Page 128C F14
Catherine MaryOrton14/10/1975Entry 1066, Page 128C P18
Fred HubertWilson23/10/1975Entry 1067, Page 128N 8V
IsaacRobson05/11/1975Entry 1068, Page 128N 8R
RosinaThompson20/11/1975Entry 1069, Page 128N 8L
Sidney CharlesWilkins13/11/1975Entry 1070, Page 128N 8P
Phylis GertrudeMorton02/12/1975Entry 1071, Page 128N 8H
Henry ArthurSummers29/12/1975Entry 1072, Page 129N 9D
KateSlingsby06/01/1976Entry 1073, Page 129N 10C
John WilliamNeedham14/01/1976Entry 1074, Page 129N 11B
William AlbertGibbs23/01/1976Entry 1075, Page 129N 8E
EthelBurnard28/01/1976Entry 1076, Page 129N 7M
Sarah ElizabethDean06/02/1976Entry 1077, Page 129C G20
TerenceO'Neal10/02/1976Entry 1078, Page 129N 10D
AllenBuck25/02/1976Entry 1079, Page 129C H30
William HenryOakley26/02/1976Entry 1080, Page 130N 10A
William ThomasMorgan26/02/1976Entry 1081, Page 130N 11C
OliveEvans26/02/1976Entry 1082, Page 130N 9G
ThomasWilcox01/03/1976Entry 1083, Page 130N 6D
BerylWalker11/03/1976Entry 1084, Page 130C Q22
William ArthurKing16/03/1976Entry 1085, Page 130N 10E
Albert EdwardHarper07/04/1976Entry 1086, Page 130N 9H
KathleenNelms15/04/1976Entry 1087, Page 130C F38
John CorneliusWebber23/04/1976Entry 1088, Page 131C P3
AgnesRice23/04/1976Entry 1089, Page 131C M9
Frederick CharlesGardiner11/05/1976Entry 1090, Page 131N 7K
MaryStevenson11/05/1976Entry 1091, Page 131N 10F
Selina LouisaHarris14/05/1976Entry 1092, Page 131N 11A
NormanPeake17/05/1976Entry 1093, Page 131N 11D
Evelyn MayHaydon19/05/1976Entry 1094, Page 131N 9J
Norman ArthurWood02/06/1976Entry 1095, Page 131N 11E
EmilyKearsley07/06/1976Entry 1096, Page 132C M33
Albert JohnMawle16/06/1976Entry 1097, Page 132N 4L
HoracePenney17/06/1976Entry 1098, Page 132N 10G
MarieWoodward18/06/1976Entry 1099, Page 132N 9A
Ronald LeslieSlowen08/07/1976Entry 1100, Page 132N 9K
Gertrude GrahamCooper09/07/1976Entry 1101, Page 132N 1U
Lester JamesBrough13/07/1976Entry 1102, Page 132N 11F
Ada LouiseDavies16/07/1976Entry 1103, Page 132N 9L
NellieTwaites30/07/1976Entry 1104, Page 133C G26
RobertGardner11/08/1976Entry 1105, Page 133N 9V
Robert CharlesHowells16/08/1976Entry 1106, Page 133N 9M
ConstanceBennett23/08/1976Entry 1107, Page 133N 10H
Stephen JohnTroth09/09/1976Entry 1108, Page 133N 9U
Mary ElizabethSmith08/10/1976Entry 1109, Page 133N 9N
Muriel OliveCherry18/10/1976Entry 1110, Page 133N 10J
HerbertTwigger22/10/1976Entry 1111, Page 133N 11H
EllenKerr04/11/1976Entry 1112, Page 134N 1K
Alice Hilda CarmenHolden10/11/1976Entry 1113, Page 134C K3
Florence MayBarnett15/11/1976Entry 1114, Page 134N 9P
FlorenceAskew18/11/1976Entry 1115, Page 134C C2
Arthur VictorWakelin22/11/1976Entry 1116, Page 134N 9T
AbrahamHill10/12/1976Entry 1117, Page 134N 9Q
GeorgeBarnett16/12/1976Entry 1118, Page 134N 10K
EthelColes16/12/1976Entry 1119, Page 134C N14
Annie EstherPerry20/12/1976Entry 1120, Page 135C M32
Michael JosephRegan03/01/1977Entry 1121, Page 135N 11J
Florence MayWalton17/01/1977Entry 1122, Page 135N 1V
George HenryBliss21/01/1977Entry 1123, Page 135N 10L
JohnStokes19/02/1977Entry 1124, Page 135N 1D
JohnPritchard21/01/1977Entry 1125, Page 135N 11K
William JohnGane23/02/1977Entry 1126, Page 135C N33
John GuthrieWalkinshaw28/02/1977Entry 1127, Page 135N 10V
HildaChamberlain15/05/1977Entry 1128, Page 136N 9R
DavidHawken17/03/1977Entry 1129, Page 136N 2M
Mark ShaneParson19/03/1977Entry 1130, Page 136N 11L
WilliamForster29/03/1977Entry 1131, Page 136N 10T
Winifred MayPickering14/04/1977Entry 1132, Page 136C J39
Petar DragojubIlic14/04/1977Entry 1133, Page 136N 10M
PhyllisSummers20/04/1977Entry 1134, Page 136N 9D
FlorenceBoyes17/05/1977Entry 1135, Page 136C G36
Alfred HoltPerry24/05/1977Entry 1136, Page 137N 7J
Sarah Emily ElizabethSandall08/06/1977Entry 1137, Page 137C J37
John WilfredRidge10/06/1977Entry 1138, Page 137N 11M
Joseph FrederickFletcher04/11/1976Entry 1139, Page 137C P37
Sharon EmmaDavies24/06/1977Entry 1140, Page 137N child 7
GraceTurner01/07/1977Entry 1141, Page 137N 4H
James Isaac GeorgeHeffer01/07/1977Entry 1142, Page 137N 10S
ElsieLowe25/07/1977Entry 1143, Page 137N 10N
Muriel JeanCoppola29/07/1977Entry 1144, Page 138C F2
Sybil Daveda FannySykes25/08/1977Entry 1145, Page 138C C40
WilliamSharp31/08/1977Entry 1146, Page 138C G13
James WalterWilson07/09/1977Entry 1147, Page 138N 11N
Joan ElsieWood02/09/1977Entry 1148, Page 138N 10P
Sidney JohnWilliamson09/09/1977Entry 1149, Page 138N 10Q
Beatrice AnnieAllsop13/09/1977Entry 1150, Page 138C L12
Frances AliceSawbridge15/09/1977Entry 1151, Page 138N 11P
RachelBaugh16/09/1977Entry 1152, Page 139N child 8
Joseph GilbertBird06/10/1977Entry 1143, Page 139N 11Q
John ScottScatcherd06/01/1977Entry 1154, Page 139N 12B
Harold NormanJames12/10/1977Entry 1155, Page 139N 11R
JosephBrown28/10/1977Entry 1156, Page 139N 12C
AubreyFlowers03/11/1977Entry 1157, Page 139N 11S
GertrudeEld28/11/1977Entry 1158, Page 139C A12
William CharlesGardner02/12/1977Entry 1159, Page 139N 12D
LucyBarnett15/12/1977Entry 1160, Page 140N 10K
HubertPage23/12/1977Entry 1161, Page 140N 11T
Florence Louise KeziahBacon29/12/1977Entry 1162, Page 140N 12E
Nigel JamesElve04/01/1978Entry 1163, Page 140N 11V
AliceBrian11/01/1978Entry 1164, Page 140N 12R
Charles ArthurPeake20/01/1978Entry 1165, Page 140N 12F
William CrowderJohnson24/01/1978Entry 1166, Page 140N 12V
Lyndon MarilynPhillips21/02/1978Entry 1167, Page 140N 12G
Ada EllenKelsey27/02/1978Entry 1168, Page 141C K14
Violet AnnieWhitehead28/02/1978Entry 1169, Page 141N 4E
RolandHarris01/03/1978Entry 1170, Page 141N 4J
MaryBowen01/03/1978Entry 1171, Page 141N 3Q
RobertHeywood08/03/1978Entry 1172, Page 141N 12U
JamesBratchie23/03/1978Entry 1173, Page 141N 12H
FrancisMiles11/04/1978Entry 1174, Page 141N 12S
AlbertTinkler13/04/1978Entry 1175, Page 141N 12J
Matilda MayWall18/04/1978Entry 1176, Page 142C H34
EdwardLycett27/04/1978Entry 1177, Page 142N 12K
AlexanderDennison28/04/1978Entry 1178, Page 142N 12Q
John HenryPattison01/05/1978Entry 1179, Page 142N 2D
MiriamMellor04/05/1978Entry 1180, Page 142N 12L
Frederick ArnoldHewitt04/05/1978Entry 1181, Page 142C Q9
Hilda ElizabethOsborne12/06/1978Entry 1182, Page 142N 12M
Thomas JohnPearce12/06/1978Entry 1183, Page 142N 13C
ElsieSmith21/06/1978Entry 1184, Page 143N 12N
Adeline DorothyMitchell22/06/1978Entry 1185, Page 143N 13D
RonaldDunstan26/06/1978Entry 1185, Page 143N 12P
ElsieBuck29/06/1978Entry 1187, Page 143N 13E
Ivybutler13/07/1978Entry 1188, Page 143C N22
WinifredFlowers18/07/1978Entry 1189, Page 143N 13F
AllanBurten28/07/1978Entry 1190, Page 143N 4C
ArchibaldShepherd10/08/1978Entry 1191, Page 143N 14C
LeonardOutram10/08/1978Entry 1192, Page 144N 13H
JohnWilliams18/08/1978Entry 1193, Page 144N 13P
Michael JosephMcNamara29/08/1978Entry 1194, Page 144N 13J
FionaMcCluskey31/08/1978Entry 1195, Page 144N child 9
Ethel MayJessop15/09/1978Entry 1196, Page 144N 13Q
Eliza EllenWadsworth18/10/1978Entry 1197, Page 144C Q4
Peter RaymondJope30/10/1978Entry 1198, Page 144N 14D
Edith Frances MaryWilliams08/11/1978Entry 1199, Page 144N 14J
Mark richarLloyd09/11/1978Entry 1200, Page 145N 13R
HarryBrian13/11/1978Entry 1201, Page 145N 12R
Frederick JohnWright27/11/1978Entry 1202, Page 145N 13K
Harold RobertBirks29/11/1978Entry 1203, Page 145N 13N
James George WilliamLovering30/11/1978Entry 1204, Page 145N 14E
Philip KeithBrown07/12/1978Entry 1205, Page 145N child 10
KateSmith11/12/1978Entry 1206, Page 145C M39
AndreaMcElwaine15/12/1978Entry 1207, Page 145C M19
Robert GeorgeBlount28/12/1978Entry 1208, Page 146N 13V
Nellie ElizabethBoucher30/12/1978Entry 1209, Page 146N 14F
Gregory JohnOsborne04/01/1979Entry 1210, Page 146N 13L
Roland FrederickWells31/01/1979Entry 1211, Page 146N 15B
DanielRichards19/02/1979Entry 1212, Page 146N 14G
Frank James WilliamWoodward26/02/1979Entry 1213, Page 146N 13S
John ThomasWalker01/03/1979Entry 1214, Page 146N 6V
Joseph HarryPatchett15/03/1979Entry 1215, Page 146N 15C
Lucy WilhelminaBoyles22/03/1979Entry 1216, Page 147N 14K
Bettn EileenTandy09/04/1979Entry 1217, Page 147N 16B
HildaFinney19/04/1979Entry 1218, Page 147N 15D
Lillian PearlWhitehouse23/04/1979Entry 1219, Page 147C M2
Llewellyn VerdunHowells04/05/1979Entry 1220, Page 147N 14L
JohnWalsgrove17/05/1978Entry 1223, Page 147N 13BDate Given 1978 But With 1979 Entries
JohnBawdon21/05/1979Entry 1222, Page 147N 14V
Bertie JamesBanwell22/05/1979Entry 1223, Page 147N 13M
CyrilTaylor05/06/1978Entry 1224, Page 148N 16C
ElsieBurdett06/06/1979Entry 1225, Page 148N 15E
Lucy AnnDewis13/06/1979Entry 1226, Page 148N 13U
CyrilBeckett20/06/1979Entry 1227, Page 148N 13T
Frederick GeorgeGardner22/06/1979Entry 1228, Page 148N 15F
Ellen Elizabeth AmeliaEveleigh09/07/1979Entry 1229, Page 148C N38
John EmersonJohnson18/07/1979Entry 1230, Page 148N 14U
Gladys EmilyCave08/08/1979Entry 1231, Page 148N 15G
WilliamBoyce13/08/1979Entry 1232, Page 149N 14T
EllenMack29/08/1979Entry 1233, Page 149N 14M
MaudPrice14/09/1979Entry 1234, Page 149N 7G
Mabel AdaWileman18/09/1979Entry 1235, Page 149N 14S
EleanorWeaver28/09/1979Entry 1236, Page 149OCY 401a
EricWileman22/10/1979Entry 1237, Page 149N 14S
SidneyMatthews22/10/1979Entry 1238, Page 149N 14N
MaryRossi24/10/1979Entry 1239, Page 149C P15
SamuelStoba01/11/1979Entry 1240, Page 150N 14R
JamesPearce12/11/1979Entry 1241, Page 150N 15H
Emily EllenBarker20/11/1979Entry 1242, Page 150N 16D
RosalynTrevis22/11/1979Entry 1243, Page 150N 3A
ErnestHarwood03/12/1979Entry 1244, Page 150N 14Q
ReubenDinning06/12/1979Entry 1245, Page 150N 16E
Wilfred JamesCross10/12/1979Entry 1246, Page 150N 14P
FrederickPearson13/12/1979Entry 1247, Page 150N 17C
HenryDewis17/12/1979Entry 1248, Page 151N 13U
Elsie GwedolineMaton17/12/1979Entry 1249, Page 151N 15J
Rachel AnnSands28/12/1979Entry 1250, Page 151C K33
HenryBurns31/12/1979Entry 1251, Page 151N 16F
William ThomasBrookes31/12/1979Entry 1252, Page 151N 15K
John GeorgeEdmonds03/01/1980Entry 1253, Page 151C N35
Annie ElizabethGrove10/01/1980Entry 1254, Page 151N 15L
Gladys ElizabethDyer10/01/1980Entry 1255, Page 151N 17D
Arthur HenryTunnicliffe17/01/1980Entry 1256, Page 152N 17F
Ivy WinifredHodder28/01/1980Entry 1257, Page 152N 16G
Matthew JosephFurlong08/02/1980Entry 1258, Page 152N 15M
RuthWhittington12/02/1980Entry 1259, Page 152N 7A
Philip EdwardNew13/02/1980Entry 1260, Page 152N 17F
Francis WilliamMingar16/02/1980Entry 1261, Page 152N 16H
OliveDowse04/03/1980Entry 1262, Page 152C Q40
Phyllis MargaretJones04/03/1980Entry 1263, Page 152N 16J
Mary AnnDennison06/03/1980Entry 1264, Page 153N 12Q
Thomas EliMills07/03/1980Entry 1265, Page 153N 15N
William JohnDowling17/03/1980Entry 1266, Page 153N 17G
JosephWestwood21/03/1980Entry 1267, Page 153N 15P
JohnGilks01/04/1980Entry 1268, Page 153C M15
HaroldBurrows03/04/1980Entry 1269, Page 153N 16K
Elizabeth EllenBurrows03/04/1980Entry 1270, Page 153N 16KAshes Contained In Coffin Of Harold Burrows
Yuri NicolaiBielakowski09/04/1980Entry 1271, Page 153N 17H
James CharlesHewitt16/04/1980Entry 1272, Page 154C G7Ashes
Charlotte EmmaBevins17/04/1980Entry 1273, Page 154N 6U
John ErnestO'Neill18/04/1980Entry 1274, Page 154N 16L
Cecil AlbertBaker24/04/1980Entry 1275, Page 154N 15Q
DavidSmith02/05/1980Entry 1276, Page 154N 9N
Clifford HoratioWills02/05/1980Entry 1277, Page 154N 16M
Hannah JaneHale09/05/1980Entry 1278, Page 154OCY 328Duplicate Entry In OCY3 54/427
Archibald WilliamClements12/05/1980Entry 1279, Page 154N 17J
Raymond BlakeDickens28/05/1980Entry 1280, Page 155N 16N
Thomas JosephTaylor29/05/1980Entry 1281, Page 155C H18
Annie FlorrieTaylor02/06/1980Entry 1282, Page 155N 16P
GeorgeHigley04/06/1980Entry 1283, Page 155N 15R
Eileen AvisTaylor05/06/1980Entry 1284, Page 155N 3D
Michael JohnHorobin06/06/1980Entry 1285, Page 155N 15S
Jonathan KaddishAbrahams09/06/1980Entry 1286, Page 155N 16Q
Alfred JohnTaylor24/06/1980Entry 1287, Page 155C H15
Paul DavidCharlton29/07/1980Entry 1288, Page 156N child 11
JoanWalton15/08/1980Entry 1289, Page 156N 16R
George AllenJones03/09/1980Entry 1290, Page 156N 15T
FrancesHarris04/09/1980Entry 1291, Page 156N 17K
MinnieForster24/09/1980Entry 1292, Page 156N 10T
Walter HenryHenderson01/10/1980Entry 1293, Page 156C D40
Peter WilliamBowen09/10/1980Entry 1294, Page 156N 15U
DecimusLowe21/10/1980Entry 1295, Page 156N 10N
Maud IsobelWeston27/10/1980Entry 1296, Page 157N 16S
Bryan WilliamGoodall14/11/1980Entry 1297, Page 157N 16T
TervorLlewellyn27/11/1980Entry 1298, Page 157N 17L
ArchibaldMitchell01/12/1980Entry 1299, Page 157n 16u
LilianMears02/12/1980Entry 1300, Page 157N 1E
Elizbeth HannahRollason04/12/1980Entry 1301, Page 157N 17M
Herbert ErnestWood12/12/1980Entry 1302, Page 157N 15V
Doris HildaMillerchip29/12/1980Entry 1303, Page 157N 16V
Elsie GraceLycett02/12/1980Entry 1304, Page 158N 12K
GladysDavies02/01/1981Entry 1305, Page 158N 17N
IdrisJones22/01/1981Entry 1306, Page 158N 17P
HarrietButtle26/02/1981Entry 1307, Page 158C P22
George HenryMartin02/03/1981Entry 1308, Page 158N 17Q
ArthurBarr02/03/1981Entry 1309, Page 158C G17
Helen EmmaWilliams04/03/1981Entry 1310, Page 158N 18B
AliceLane12/03/1981Entry 1311, Page 159OCY 79Ashes
Harry VincentGreenough07/03/1981Entry 1312, Page 159C L18Ashes
Alfred ThomasLucas14/03/1981Entry 1313, Page 159N 18C
MarthaCooper18/03/1981Entry 1314, Page 159N 16W
Lesley Percy WarnerPateman19/03/1981Entry 1315, Page 159N 18D
HarryCross19/03/1981Entry 1316, Page 159N 17V
Stacey LorraineCutting06/01/1981Entry 1317, Page 159N child 12
MabelTallon16/04/1981Entry 1318, Page 159N 18E
Catharina Jacoba Maria KlueLee22/04/1981Entry 1319, Page 160N 17W
William CharlesButler30/04/1981Entry 1320, Page 160C Q24
RaymondJones15/05/1981Entry 1321, Page 160N 18F
LeonardStowe22/05/1981Entry 1322, Page 160N 18G
Artur JosephBarr08/06/1981Entry 1323, Page 160N 18H
EdwinBate10/06/1981Entry 1324, Page 160N 19B
AlbertCooper18/06/1981Entry 1325, Page 160N 16W
JohnNichol25/06/1981Entry 1326, Page 160N 18J
Florence MayWalker29/07/1981Entry 1327, Page 161N 19C
SamBeaufoy14/07/1981Entry 1328, Page 161N 9B
Beatrice MayFulbeck24/07/1981Entry 1329, Page 161N 18K
Lilian OliveTruswell06/08/1981Entry 1330, Page 161C K32
Mona FlorenceTerechenko07/08/1981Entry 1331, Page 161N 18L
Charles JamesPercival28/08/1981Entry 1332, Page 161N 18M
JackBurnell22/08/1981Entry 1333, Page 161C N11Ashes
JosephMaton02/09/1981Entry 1334, Page 161N 15J
NormanCockrane14/09/1981Entry 1335, Page 162N 8B
William HenryBeeres18/09/1981Entry 1336, Page 162N 18N
Florence MayBrown23/09/1981Entry 1337, Page 162N 19D
Barnard AmbroseRiley16/10/1981Entry 1338, Page 162N 19E
Douglas JosephHardy06/11/1981Entry 1339, Page 162N 19F
JessieWilliamson10/11/1981Entry 1340, Page 162N 19G
Elsie PhyllisMartin12/11/1981Entry 1341, Page 162N 17Q
WilliamTallon17/11/1981Entry 1342, Page 162N 18E
John WilliamSkelcher17/11/1981Entry 1343, Page 163N 19H
John HenryJones24/11/1981Entry 1344, Page 163C C36
ClaraWard24/11/1981Entry 1345, Page 163N 8F
Francis JohnBeck03/12/1981Entry 1346, Page 163N 19J
Annie ElizabethTurner08/12/1981Entry 1347, Page 163OCY 338
Victor CharlesAmos09/12/1981Entry 1348, Page 163N 18P
WalterWilliams18/12/1981Entry 1349, Page 163N 18B
Sidney HarryTrusty18/12/1981Entry 1350, Page 163N 19K
Jennifer AnnSlater04/01/1982Entry 1351, Page 164N child 19
AnnieBowers21/01/1982Entry 1352, Page 164C H28
Edwin GeorgeClark23/01/1982Entry 1353, Page 164C A25Ashes
Gwyneth MildredDunn04/02/1982Entry 1354, Page 164N 18Q
Jane IsabellaCleghorn09/02/1982Entry 1355, Page 164N 19L
GuyHixon12/02/1982Entry 1356, Page 164N 19M
Albert AndrewGarner17/02/1982Entry 1357, Page 164C F22
Anrthur ThomasRadbourne18/02/1982Entry 1358, Page 164N 8K
AdamRowlands22/02/1982Entry 1359, Page 165N child 12
Louise AnneWeaver23/02/1982Entry 1360, Page 165N child 13
William JohnThompson23/02/1982Entry 1361, Page 165N 18R
JoanCorkin26/02/1982Entry 1362, Page 165N 14QAshes
AlfredEngland19/03/1982Entry 1363, Page 165N 19N
Ernest ArthurWhite25/03/1982Entry 1364, Page 165N 18S
AndrewSime26/03/1982Entry 1365, Page 165N 17R
Mavis AnnButtress16/04/1982Entry 1366, Page 165N 19P
Hilda EvelynWright22/04/1982Entry 1367, Page 166N 13K
Freda Florence EstherDonely04/05/1982Entry 1368, Page 166N 20B
Edward WilliamOwen05/05/1982Entry 1369, Page 166N 18T
CissieTaylor07/05/1982Entry 1370, Page 166C E40
Gerard WilliamSheridan07/05/1982Entry 1371, Page 166N 20C
George EdwardStevens10/05/1982Entry 1372, Page 166N 19Q
CyrilClayton11/05/1982Entry 1373, Page 166N 20D
DorothyHussey13/05/1982Entry 1374, Page 166C M10
Jose MiriamJenkins18/05/1982Entry 1375, Page 167N 18U
Cecilia AgnesMaxwell28/05/1982Entry 1376, Page 167C C28
Sheila MargaretHarrison01/07/1982Entry 1377, Page 167N 19R
ArthurCurle10/06/1982Entry 1378, Page 167N 20E
Ethel MayTaylor09/07/1982Entry 1379, Page 167C H15
Angela PatriciaOgden13/07/1982Entry 1380, Page 167N 18V
ReginaldFoulkes14/07/1982Entry 1381, Page 167N 20G
John BailiffeMason27/07/1982Entry 1382, Page 167C Q13
EdwinHockton05/08/1982Entry 1383, Page 168N 19S
John HenryWatkin16/08/1982Entry 1384, Page 168N 20H
Oliver JosephRidgeway18/08/1982Entry 1385, Page 168N 19T
PaulBartoszewicz20/08/1982Entry 1386, Page 168N 18W
Aurora Felicia MarieMarriott01/09/1982Entry 1387, Page 168N 19U
Ronald WilliamGazey14/09/1982Entry 1388, Page 168N 20J
BarbaraRidgeway15/09/1982Entry 1389, Page 168N 19T
EmmaPemberton21/09/1982Entry 1390, Page 168N 5Q
Rose MaryHayes23/09/1982Entry 1391, Page 169N 19V
JamesTaylor01/10/1982Entry 1392, Page 169N 20K
JamesSullivan11/10/1982Entry 1393, Page 169N 21B
HaroldLilley09/11/1982Entry 1394, Page 169N 19W
HenryBailey11/11/1982Entry 1395, Page 169N 20L
Doris RoseWileman15/11/1982Entry 1396, Page 169N 21C
Winifred MarthaStanley10/11/1982Entry 1397, Page 169N 20M
Ronald MichaelKinder26/11/1982Entry 1398, Page 169N 21D
Charles WilfredHorobin30/11/1982Entry 1399, Page 170N 20N
Sidney WilliamDavies03/12/1982Entry 1400, Page 170N 9L
Sylvia VictoriaBerry07/12/1982Entry 1401, Page 170N 21E
JosephGrainger17/12/1982Entry 1402, Page 170N 21F
Victoria ElizabethJames17/12/1982Entry 1403, Page 170N child 18
John HenryTwissell30/12/1982Entry 1405, Page 170N 20P
WilliamCampbell04/01/1983Entry 1406, Page 170C Q32
Doris MaryJermy05/01/1983Entry 1407, Page 171C N40
GraceWills04/02/1983Entry 1408, Page 171N 16M
AlanThrasher03/02/1983Entry 1409, Page 171N 21G
HerbertWhitehead08/01/1983Entry 1410, Page 171C L8
George HerbertHaydon18/02/1983Entry 1411, Page 171N 9J
Marjory DoaineLloyd25/02/1983Entry 1412, Page 171N 7U
Florrie Alice HettyPenney28/02/1983Entry 1413, Page 171N 10G
roland AlbertColledge25/02/1983Entry 1414, Page 171N 20Q
Leslie CliffordChadband01/03/1983Entry 1415, Page 172N 21H
Thomas GeorgeGane03/03/1983Entry 1416, Page 172N 20R
Albert ERnestEvans07/03/1983Entry 1417, Page 172N 21J
George FrancisGarrett14/03/1983Entry 1418, Page 172N 20S
William CharlesWalton25/03/1983Entry 1419, Page 172N 1V
Michelle AnnBrown08/04/1983Entry 1420, Page 172N child 14
WrightMellor04/03/1983Entry 1421, Page 172N 12L
Sydney HerbertBuck08/04/1983Entry 1422, Page 172N 13E
MarjoryCox13/05/1983Entry 14221, Page 173N 21L
Midred MariaColledge24/05/1983Entry 1423, Page 173N 20Q
EdithJones15/06/1983Entry 1424, Page 173N 21M
Elsie MabelStynes27/07/1983Entry 1425, Page 173C F10
Arthur JoshuaJessop04/08/1983Entry 1426, Page 173N 13Q
Frank Edgar SpriggsDyer13/07/1983Entry 1427, Page 173N 17D
MaryBowsher24/08/1983Entry 1428, Page 173N 3J
FredFardon23/09/1983Entry 1429, Page 173N 20T
Alice VioletLloyd26/09/1983Entry 1430, Page 174C Q17
Edwin ClarenceStatham07/10/1983Entry 1431, Page 174N 21P
HaroldEdwards26/10/1983Entry 1432, Page 174N 7B
Florence EverettHancox27/10/1983Entry 1433, Page 174N 20U
Ivy MarionMorgan29/10/1983Entry 1434, Page 174C C23
RaymondCurl22/11/1983Entry 1435, Page 174N 20V
JamesPuckey10/11/1983Entry 1436, Page 174N 21Q
George Henry EdwardBeale23/12/1983Entry 1437, Page 174N 20W
EllenOwen09/01/1984Entry 1438, Page 175N 21R
Evelyn EllibraBoyd13/01/1984Entry 1439, Page 175N 1W
Michael JosephBrowne13/01/1984Entry 1440, Page 175N 21S
KathleenMasterson20/01/1984Entry 1441, Page 175N 1X
Maurice WilliamClarke25/01/1984Entry 1442, Page 175N 21T
PeterAllen25/01/1984Entry 1443, Page 175C Q19
SydneySnell04/06/1984Entry 1444, Page 175N 2W
Percy JohnHooper02/02/1984Entry 1445, Page 175N 2X
MichaelMcMahon04/02/1984Entry 1446, Page 176N 21U
PaulaMcGurk08/02/1984Entry 1447, Page 176N child 20
Doreen StellaPowell08/02/1985Entry 1448, Page 176N 2Y
Philip RowlandTroth09/02/1984Entry 1449, Page 176N 21V
Leonard HenryNorbury10/02/1984Entry 1450, Page 176N 2Z
Gladys MayEvans14/02/1984Entry 1451, Page 176N 3W
MichaelAverty17/08/1983Entry 1452, Page 176N 21N
MildredScattergood27/03/1984Entry 1453, Page 176C K12
IvorGane12/04/1984Entry 1454, Page 177N 4W
Margaret GertrudePercival17/04/1984Entry 1455, Page 177N 18M
EdwardCastle19/04/1984Entry 1456, Page 177N 3X
NoraRanson27/04/1984Entry 1457, Page 177N 2P
Christabel IreneParker25/05/1984Entry 1458, Page 177N 5W
MirandaEdwards25/05/1984Entry 1459, Page 177N 3B
EllenGardner01/06/1984Entry 1460, Page 177N 12D
Joseph JamesMeek13/06/1984Entry 1461, Page 177N 3Y
Arthur CharlesSandall13/06/1984Entry 1462, Page 178N 2AA
Vera Maria GertrudeIlic04/07/1984Entry 1463, Page 178N 10M
Patricia ElizabethOakley28/06/1984Entry 1464, Page 178N 3Z
Edith LouisaCrunkhorn18/07/1984Entry 1465, Page 178N 4X
FlorenceDilley16/08/1984Entry 1466, Page 178N 16X
Henry VictorBond03/09/1984Entry 1467, Page 178N 3AA
John LeslieBirch17/08/1984Entry 1468, Page 178N 4Y
Dorothy Agnes EttieTunnicliffe24/09/1984Entry 1469, Page 178N 17E
Arthur JohnGibson24/09/1984Entry 1470, Page 183N 6W
ThomasCharlton09/10/1984Entry 1471, Page 183N 2K
Ethel DaisyCroshaw11/10/1984Entry 1472, Page 183N 4F
Douglas CharlesHaywood15/10/1984Entry 1473, Page 183N 7W
Alfred Richard JohnSharman26/10/1984Entry 1474, Page 183N 5X
Annie RebeccaGibbs30/10/1984Entry 1475, Page 183N 8E
HaroldGriffin22/10/1984Entry 1476, Page 183N 4Z
John HenryCollins02/11/1984Entry 1477, Page 183N 8W
IvyEdgington27/11/1984Entry 1478, Page 184N 7X
BettyTideswell27/11/1984Entry 1479, Page 184N 5Y
Alice EvelynBradshaw03/12/1984Entry 1480, Page 184N 4AA
John DavidHamilton20/12/1984Entry 1481, Page 184N 6X
Victoria GertrudeTwigger20/12/1984Entry 1482, Page 184N 11H
Rees ThomasFrance29/12/1984Entry 1483, Page 184N 8X
Herbert CyrilGibson02/01/1985Entry 1484, Page 184N 5Z
StanleyWale17/01/1985Entry 1485, Page 184N 9W
RalphGeorge25/01/1985Entry 1486, Page 185N 6Y
HannahWilkins25/01/1985Entry 1487, Page 185C A5
Victoria Louise DAwnMorgan07/02/1985Entry 1488, Page 185N child 21
Maud Amelia GuestWarren09/08/1984Entry 1489, Page 185C N36
EthelLakin20/02/1985Entry 1490, Page 185N 8Y
BarrasPurdy22/02/1985Entry 1491, Page 185N 9X
EdithIson12/03/1985Entry 1492, Page 185N 7Y
JohnCutts15/03/1985Entry 1493, Page 185N 9Y
WililamLittleton22/03/1985Entry 1494, Page 186N 8Z
Harold WilliamBurrows26/03/1985Entry 1495, Page 186N 2J
MarjorieKing10/04/1985Entry 1496, Page 186C T1
DomenicoSiniscalco12/04/1985Entry 1497, Page 186N 6Z
Avril MavisWebb18/04/1985Entry 1498, Page 186N 9Z
SusannahGardner23/04/1985Entry 1499, Page 186N 8T
FlorenceBadland30/04/1985Entry 1500, Page 186C L17
James MiddlemasHodder15/05/1985Entry 1501, Page 186N 16G
Reginald HenryAshby21/05/1985Entry 1502, Page 187N 5AA
MichaelHughes24/05/1985Entry 1503, Page 187N 7Z
Frank EdwardCooke13/06/1985Entry 1504, Page 187N 8AA
William HenryHodgkins14/06/1985Entry 1505, Page 187N 11W
Henry ElandHardwick14/06/1985Entry 1506, Page 187N 10W
Florence RoseFulker15/08/1985Entry 1507, Page 187C M11Ashes
DorisBeal09/08/1985Entry 1508, Page 187N 10X
Arthur ReginaldWebb16/09/1985Entry 1509, Page 187N 9AA
John WilliamBannister17/09/1985Entry 1510, Page 188N 11Y
RoseEvans17/09/1985Entry 1511, Page 188N 7P
Graham ErnestRodgers19/09/1985Entry 1512, Page 188N 12W
John ReubenChadband20/09/1985Entry 1513, Page 188N 10Z
HerbertBoyd04/10/1985Entry 1514, Page 188N 1W
Robert CharlesFox04/10/1985Entry 1515, Page 188N 12X
Thomas EdwardMorris18/10/1985Entry 1516, Page 188N 11Z
GlyndwrPowell01/11/1985Entry 1517, Page 188N 2Y
ElizabethBurdett08/11/1985Entry 1518, Page 189C D26
ArthurCraven15/11/1985Entry 1519, Page 189N 13W
John HenryHayward14/11/1985Entry 1520, Page 189N 12Y
GaryBatty15/11/1985Entry 1521, Page 189N 10AA
William LeonardSharp22/11/1985Entry 1522, Page 189N 8M
Ernest LantaffWhite02/12/1985Entry 1523, Page 189N 11XAshes
Charles RonaldElliot06/12/1985Entry 1524, Page 189N 11AA
Stanley ThomasShaw06/12/1985Entry 1525, Page 189N 17A
WalterWallam13/12/1985Entry 1526, Page 190N 1J
ElizabethWilson16/12/1985Entry 1527, Page 190N 11N
Winifred ElsieO'Neill03/01/1986Entry 1528, Page 190N 16L
ElizabethWood07/01/1986Entry 1529, Page 190N 13X
Patrick JosephClarke14/01/1986Entry 1530, Page 190N 12Z
DuncanAmos16/01/1986Entry 1531, Page 190N 18PAshes
Hazel FrancesCopland05/02/1986Entry 1532, Page 190N 14W
Dorothy LilianJackson07/02/1986Entry 1533, Page 190N 12AA
DonaldGibbons13/02/1985Entry 1534, Page 191N 13Y
Lizzie AmeliaPeake24/02/1985Entry 1535, Page 191N 12F
DesmondGardner27/02/1986Entry 1536, Page 191N 13Z
James WilliamLunn28/02/1986Entry 1537, Page 191N 14X
Betsy ClaricDunkley07/03/1986Entry 1538, Page 191N 14Y
JamesHarris07/03/1986Entry 1539, Page 191N 15W
Doris RosalieEdwards17/03/1986Entry 1540, Page 191N 13AA
Charles JamesStewart19/03/1986Entry 1541, Page 191N 15X
ThomasSpencer21/04/1986Entry 15411, Page 192C N12
AnthonySullivan23/04/1986Entry 1542, Page 192N 15V
BertMapperson07/05/1986Entry 1543, Page 192N 17X
HughDocherty02/05/1986Entry 1544, Page 192N 14AA
Marion LizzieSharman15/03/1986Entry 1545, Page 192N 14Z
Gladys LilianCarter02/05/1986Entry 1546, Page 192C J8Ashes
AlfredArnold19/05/1986Entry 1547, Page 192N 15Z
EvelynHall29/05/1986Entry 1548, Page 192C Q33
Elizabeth LindsayUnderwood13/06/1986Entry 1549, Page 193N 17Y
Doris LillianFellowes07/07/1986Entry 1550, Page 193N 15AA
George EdwardRollason10/07/1986Entry 1551, Page 193N 17M
Florence AmeiaWileman21/07/1986Entry 1552, Page 193C N19
Stanley GeorgeHewitt21/08/1986Entry 1553, Page 193N 16Z
Mary Margaret PhyllisWhite22/09/1986Entry 1554, Page 193N 18S
Walter HerbertHancox23/09/1986Entry 1555, Page 193N 20U
EthelHolmes16/10/1986Entry 1556, Page 193C F28
EllenMcDonald27/10/1986Entry 1557, Page 194N 16AA
JohnClarke23/10/1986Entry 1558, Page 194N 18X
Annie Robin ForbesBratchie30/10/1986Entry 1559, Page 194N 12H
Adeline EllenGollop06/11/1986Entry 1560, Page 194C N9
WilliamBromilow14/11/1986Entry 1561, Page 194N 16YNote: ?AB. On ground it is plot Z
Angela LesliePrime11/12/1986Entry 1562, Page 194N 20X
JuozasBurskys22/12/1986Entry 1563, Page 194N 17Z
MaudJones23/12/1986Entry 1564, Page 194N 18Y
MargaretScalley30/05/1985Entry 1565, Page 195N 6AA
GeorgeStow08/01/1987Entry 1566, Page 195N 21W
James HenryWright13/01/1987Entry 1567, Page 195N 17AA
Mary CarolineHopwood16/01/1987Entry 1568, Page 195C B23
David EdwinMarriott23/01/1987Entry 1569, Page 195N 18Z
Alice MabelJames02/02/1987Entry 1570, Page 195N 11R
Margaret RowatStewart03/02/1987Entry 1571, Page 195N 15X
SarahAshforth06/02/1987Entry 1572, Page 195N 17AB
Joseph CharlesHope13/02/1987Entry 1573, Page 196N 18AA
EthelJones17/02/1987Entry 1574, Page 196C Q28
Alma ElizaBatey17/02/1987Entry 1575, Page 196N 2U
Joseph WilliamHall03/03/1987Entry 1576, Page 196N 18AB
William Thomas ManassehHayes11/03/1987Entry 1577, Page 196N 19V
Dorothy CarolineEvans18/03/1987Entry 1578, Page 196N 19X
John ThomasPattison26/03/1987Entry 1579, Page 196N 19Y
RichardGolding06/04/1987Entry 1580, Page 196N 19Z
Elsie MayHeath07/04/1987Entry 1581, Page 197C J11
John JosephMeaney13/04/1987Entry 1582, Page 197N 19AA
Leslie WilliamBeal16/04/1987Entry 1483, Page 197C P29
WendyTomlinson23/04/1987Entry 1584, Page 197N 17N
BeatriceBurchell30/04/1987Entry 1585, Page 197N 20Y
Phyllis BeatriceDanks11/05/1987Entry 1586, Page 197N 19AB
Edith MiriamHadley20/05/1987Entry 1587, Page 197C P4
Olive MaryJames21/05/1987Entry 1588, Page 197N 20Z
Agnes Hunter McGillSmith29/05/1987Entry 1589, Page 198N 20AA
ThomasMoore04/06/1987Entry 1590, Page 198N 20AB
MaryWileman08/06/1987Entry 1591, Page 198N 5V
David StephenNaysmith08/06/1987Entry 1592, Page 198C A24
Ivy LouiseStowe12/06/1987Entry 1593, Page 198N 3V
ReginaldIson26/06/1987Entry 1594, Page 198N 7Y
Thomas CharlesClarke29/06/1987Entry 1595, Page 198N 8AB
Betty LouiseWilson02/07/1987Entry 1596, Page 198N 3AAAshes
Rose PrudencePitt14/07/1987Entry 1597, Page 199N 9AB
JesseRobinson16/07/1987Entry 1598, Page 199N 10AB
Carol eanCoulter20/07/1987Entry 1599, Page 199N 11AB
Austin JamesWest18/07/1987Entry 1600, Page 199N child 22
Herbert EdwinHamilton12/08/1987Entry 1601, Page 199N 12AB
IrisFoster24/08/1987Entry 1602, Page 199N 13AB
Gilbert LeslieEdwards20/08/1987Entry 1603, Page 199C Q5
Freda Geraldine MaySandell20/08/1987Entry 1604, Page 199N 2AA
Susan DawnMcgregor03/09/1987Entry 1605, Page 200N 14AB
Lauren JadeCampbell08/09/1987Entry 1606, Page 200N child 23
Eleanor LucyTate10/09/1987Entry 1607, Page 200N child 17
Christina TeresaSliwowski23/09/1987Entry 1608, Page 200N 15AB
JamesMcDonald19/10/1987Entry 1609, Page 200N 16AB
Walter HenryPhillips19/10/1987Entry 1610, Page 200N 19AC
WinifredCastle27/10/1987Entry 1611, Page 200N 3X
StephenShepherd26/10/1987Entry 1612, Page 200C R3
Dora LilianArnold11/11/1987Entry 1613, Page 201N 15Z
CharlesSeddon26/11/1987Entry 1614, Page 201C R4
June Rosalie FrancesMcdermott10/12/1987Entry 1615, Page 201C R5
William Alan HenryCraner10/12/1987Entry 1616, Page 201N 17AC
ElizabethCrawley16/12/1987Entry 1618, Page 201N 18AC
Leonard WilliamMullis14/12/1987Entry 1617, Page 201C R6
Edna Joyce MaryBennett23/12/1987Entry 1619, Page 201C R7
FlorenceHarvey08/01/1988Entry 1620, Page 201C K6
Alice EvelynMartin12/01/1988Entry 1621, Page 202N 9PAshes
MargaretForrest13/01/1988Entry 1622, Page 202C R8
Seamus AustinLayng22/01/1988Entry 1623, Page 202C R9
AmyLowe25/01/1988Entry 1624, Page 202N 7E
Elsie AdaMorris29/01/1988Entry 1625, Page 202C H38
William ArthurJackson08/02/1988Entry 1626, Page 202C R40
NelliePritchard12/02/1988Entry 1627, Page 202N 11K
Geoffrey CharlesVice19/02/1988Entry 1628, Page 202C R39Ashes Only