CC Name Directory

This name directory covers cremations only, and is mostly for those in the portion of the central section set aside for ashes interments.  Cremation interments throughout the churchyard are also recorded in this book.

Use the search box to enter the name you wish to find (minimum 3 letters to narrow the search; wildcards do not work here, nor case specific) eg, to find Ensor and Enser, enter Ens or ens in the search box.

The link under ‘entry number and page’ will take you to the entry in the digitised register.  All entries in this register give a plot reference which can be looked up on the section map.

First NameLast NameDate Of BurialEntry Number and PageChurch Yard Location Number
(If Available)
Additional Comments
SidneyYardley04/03/1973Entry 1, Page 1CC A1
Robert BarryTaylor00/5/1972Entry 2, Page 1CC A2
ErnestSmith21/02/1974Entry 3, Page 1CC A3
ArthurHaddon21/08/1974Entry 4, Page 1CC B1
Arthur JohnTaylor12/06/1974Entry 5, Page 1CC B2
Charles James EdmundFrancis21/08/1975Entry 6, Page 1CC B3
TerenceWhelan11/02/1975Entry 7, Page 1C H9Grave of Catherine Ashelford
LeonardGreen13/03/1975Entry 8, Page 1OCYAt foot of Mr W Martin. Ashes
SamuelSmith08/10/1975Entry 9, Page 2CC C1
Stanley ArthurEly26/11/1975Entry 10, Page 2OCYP H Ely 1943. Ashes
Lillian MayChinnock08/03/1975Entry 11, Page 2CC C2
BertMoore07/04/1976Entry 12, Page 2CC C3
WilliamWalker02/08/1976Entry 13, Page 2CC D1
Gertrude BlancheRichardson09/09/1976Entry 14, Page 2OCYWith Archibald Richardson
William JohnTrow23/09/1976Entry 15, Page 2CC D2
HerbertTwigger29/10/1976Entry 16, Page 2CC D3
Edith EvaCronin03/01/1977Entry 17, Page 3CC F1
Margaret AliceRayson03/02/1977Entry 18, Page 3CC G1
Elijah George RaymondHorton13/04/1977Entry 19, Page 3CC H2
Susannah MayMorris24/11/1976Entry 20, Page 3CC E1
Walter amesAllen08/06/1977Entry 21, Page 3CC H1
George ThomasFlower02/06/1977Entry 22, Page 3not givenAshes
Florence DepayneChapman01/07/1977Entry 23, Page 3CC H3
EllenButterfield12/07/1977Entry 24, Page 3CC H4
Ewald Franc KarlRaida16/09/1977Entry 25, Page 4CC J1
Winifred Victoria BlancheNicklin17/09/1977Entry 26, Page 4CC J2
LeonardBrindley13/10/1977Entry 27, Page 4CC J3
Horace AlfredBarson29/10/1977Entry 28, Page 4CC J4
Arthur LeonardNicklin09/12/1977Entry 29, Page 4CC J2
Margaret AnnieTrotter07/01/1978Entry 30, Page 4C G23Ashes
Alfred ErnestStreet15/04/1978Entry 31, Page 4CC K1
IvyMoore29/04/1978Entry 32, Page 4CC C3
EvaSmith18/01/1978Entry 33, Page 5OCYAlongside old churchard path with casket of Harold Smith
ElizabethArnold28/01/1978Entry 34, Page 5OCYIn plot of casket of John Arnold
JohnPhelps25/05/1978Entry 35, Page 5CC K2
Hedley JamesRogers12/07/1978Entry 36, Page 5CC K3
Hubert JamesJones05/10/1978Entry 37, Page 5C E10
AdaWhelan06/12/1978Entry 38, Page 5C H9Ashes
SarahTaylor04/01/1979Entry 39, Page 5CC B2
IvorThomas06/03/1979Entry 40, Page 5OCYGrave of Ethel Thomas by path near gate to new
John JohnsonTrotter10/03/1979Entry 41, Page 6C G23Ashes
Thomas HenryStratton22/06/1979Entry 42, Page 6OCYWith wife beside path to new churchyard
John FrederickCox30/06/1979Entry 43, Page 6OCY 474Ashes
George HenryGeary15/08/1979Entry 44, Page 6CC K4
AmyRyder22/10/1979Entry 45, Page 6C Q26Ashes
Elsie MayDigings24/11/1979Entry 46, Page 6C B27Ashes
Nellie ElizaStaley18/12/1979Entry 47, Page 6OCYGrave Francis Staley OCY E end
ThomasCronin10/01/1980Entry 48, Page 6CC F1
Leslie Thomas FinchNeale19/03/1981Entry 49, Page 7CC L1
HarryJanes31/01/1981Entry 50, Page 7CC L2
William Arthur RobertJones21/11/1981Entry 51, Page 7CC L3
Ethyl LouiseJones16/01/1982Entry 52, Page 7CC L3
Dorothy IreneCowley30/01/1982Entry 52, Page 7CC M1
SydneyCannon13/05/1982Entry 54, Page 7CC M2
AlbertHuggup26/05/1982Entry 55, Page 7CC M3
SusannahTidswell08/06/1982Entry 56, Page 7CC M4
ArthurTidswell08/06/1982Entry 57, Page 8CC M4One casket containing ashes of Arthur and Peter Tidswell were retained by Susannah Tidswell and interred with her ashes
PeterTidswell08/06/1982Entry 58, Page 8CC M4One casket containing ashes of Arthur and Peter Tidswell were retained by Susannah Tidswell and interred with her ashes
William JohnHunter04/08/1982Entry 59, Page 8CC N1
Frederick LukeRoberts16/10/1982Entry 60, Page 8CC N2
Lilian MaryJanes22/01/1983Entry 61, Page 8CC L2
WinifredAusterberry25/02/1983Entry 62, Page 8CC N3
Mary ElizabethHardwick09/03/1983Entry 63, Page 8CC N4
JosephChapman07/05/1983Entry 64, Page 8CC H3
Percival LeonardCowley06/06/1983Entry 65, Page 9CC M1
StanleyHale06/06/1983Entry 66, Page 9CC P1
Bertie WindsorLaws22/08/1983Entry 67, Page 9CC P2
Mary ElizabethOwens08/10/1983Entry 68, Page 9CC P3
LlewellynJones15/10/1983Entry 69, Page 9CC P4
Sidney JamesLenton20/10/1983Entry 70, Page 9CC Q1
JohnHorsley29/11/1983Entry 71, Page 9CC Q2
Albert JohnPryce11/01/1984Entry 72, Page 9CC Q3
Dorothy LilianSpiers13/01/1984Entry 73, Page 10C M37Ashes
Hedley JamesBuck02/03/1984Entry 74, Page 10CC A4
Albert LionelDavies23/05/1984Entry 75, Page 10CC B4
William HarrySharples14/04/1984Entry 76, Page 10CC A5
ThomasPerry12/06/1984Entry 77, Page 10CC B5
JamesStrong16/06/1984Entry 78, Page 10CC C4
SidneyWright05/07/1984Entry 79, Page 10CC D4
ElsieMoore01/08/1984Entry 80, Page 10CC C5
HerbertBritain20/08/1984Entry 81, Page 11CC D5
ThomasRayson27/09/1984Entry 82, Page 11CC G5
Roy GeorgeClements09/02/1985Entry 83, Page 11C P6
Sarah HannahDowning07/03/1985Entry 84, Page 11CC H5
Leslie HerbertDeayton02/07/1985Entry 85, Page 11CC J5
FrankGriffiths07/11/1985Entry 86, Page 11CC A6
AlexanderButerfield14/11/1985Entry 87, Page 11CC H4
George FrancisBarson14/01/1986Entry 88, Page 11CC J4
Bryan JohnMottram14/01/1986Entry 89, Page 12CC R1
JohnRayne16/01/1986Entry 90, Page 12CC Q4
David BrynPrice27/02/1986Entry 91, Page 12CC H6
Wiliam ThomasBuck27/03/1986Entry 92, Page 12CC K5
MaryArchison19/03/1986Entry 93, Page 12CC J6
Nellie EthelTwigger10/04/1986Entry 94, Page 12CC D3
FlorenceThornton15/05/1986Entry 95, Page 12CC K6
Alan SextyGuest04/07/1986Entry 96, Page 12CC L5
Charles ArthurRadford08/09/1986Entry 97, Page 13CC L6
Kenneth ErnestRudland19/01/1982Entry 98, Page 13CC L4
John JeffreyBell06/10/1986Entry 99, Page 13CC M6
JamesMorgan27/09/1986Entry 100, Page 13CC M5
Patrick ChristopherHeavey04/12/1986Entry 101, Page 13CC N5
Ivor WilliamLewis11/02/1987Entry 102, Page 13CC N6
Margaret RoseLukehurst04/03/1987Entry 103, Page 13CC Q5
Florence JaneBowcutt20/03/1987Entry 104, Page 13CC P5
EdwardYates21/03/1987Entry 105, Page 14CC R2
Joseph EdwardRiley10/04/1987Entry 106, Page 14CC P6
Frederick LawrenceHammond30/04/1987Entry 107, Page 14CC R3
RoseIrons10/07/1987Entry 108, Page 14CC R4
BerthaAyres16/07/1987Entry 109, Page 14CC R5
Reginald LewisPettipher28/07/1987Entry 110, Page 14CC R6
Rella MayFairbairn28/08/1987Entry 111, Page 14CC S1
WinifredTrow17/11/1987Entry 112, Page 14CC D2
George HerbertWainwright05/12/1987Entry 113, Page 15CC S2
WilliamSillitoe18/03/1988Entry 114, Page 15CC S3
SarahRayne18/03/1988Entry 115, Page 15CC Q4
Steven JohnRose25/03/1988Entry 116, Page 15CC S4
DoreenMorton07/07/1988Entry 117, Page 15CC S5
LeslieMaskell23/07/1988Entry 118, Page 15CC S6
Violet FrancesWilliams06/10/1988Entry 119, Page 15CC T1
BlancheRadford11/10/1988Entry 120, Page 15CC L6
Alice SarahClark28/01/1989Entry 121, Page 16C A25Ashes
HarryKilshaw17/03/1989Entry 122, Page 16C T31Ashes
John RobertDolby22/03/1989Entry 123, Page 16CC T2Jack
Mabel OliveLord13/04/1989Entry 124, Page 16CC U1
ArchibaldMarriot29/04/1989Entry 125, Page 16N 19UAshes#
JackPacker16/05/1989Entry 126, Page 16CC V2
JaneWalker07/07/1989Entry 127, Page 16CC D1
Doris HildaAllen01/07/1989Entry 128, Page 16CC H1
WilliamBeacham19/09/1989Entry 129, Page 17CC V1
Henry AlfordBaldwin16/11/1989Entry 130, Page 17CC V3
Eric FrancisSmith30/01/1990Entry 131, Page 17CC T6
HildaSharpe09/04/1990Entry 132, Page 17CC V4Reinterrment see OCY3 596
GeorgeDowning12/03/1989Entry 133, Page 17CC H5
Sidney WillieBliss01/01/1989Entry 134, Page 17C M40Ashes
MonaHoward10/04/1990Entry 135, Page 17N 4PAshes
Sylvia JuneHarris03/09/1990Entry 136, Page 17CC V5
Dora MaryHeavey15/01/1991Entry 137, Page 18CC N5
MargaretStrong21/02/1991Entry 138, Page 18CC C4
LeonardStringer01/03/1991Entry 139, Page 18CC U6
John LawrenceThomas13/05/1991Entry 140, Page 18CC V6
AmyBaldwin17/05/1991Entry 141, Page 18CC V3
Harold FrederickWarner02/07/1991Entry 142, Page 18CC W1
Eric RockleySanderson12/07/1991Entry 143, Page 18CC W2
SarahDouglas11/09/1991Entry 144, Page 18CC W3
ElizabethAnstee09/01/1992Entry 145, Page 19CC W4
Gwendoline Victoria DorisKetchell25/01/1992Entry 146, Page 19CC W6
Walter JohnDavies28/01/1992Entry 148, Page 19C M16Ashes
Phylis Mary MayHiscox15/02/1992Entry 149, Page 19CC W5
Abel BuckleyAusterberry18/03/1992Entry 150, Page 19CC N3
BernardCooper18/03/1992Entry 151, Page 19OCY 139Ashes
EdwardDouglas27/05/1992Entry 152, Page 19N 4QAshes
EvelynHewitt26/06/1992Entry 153, Page 20CC X6
Ethel ClaraBate19/08/1992Entry 154, Page 20N 19BAshes
MargaretHare16/10/1992Entry 155, Page 20OCY 219aAshes
George EdwardPalmer03/11/1992Entry 157, Page 20CC X5
WilliamFaulks03/12/1992Entry 157, Page 20OCY 114Ashes
James WilliamSmith23/12/1992Entry 158, Page 20CC X4
Raymond JohnHarris07/01/1993Entry 159, Page 20CC V5Died 27/12/92
JoanRees07/01/1993Entry 159, Page 20CC X3Died 30/12/92
Bryan JamesHiscox11/01/1993Entry 161, Page 21CC X2Died 2/1/93
Frances EllenDavies13/01/1993Entry 162, Page 21OCY 208Died 6/1/93. Ashes
Frederick JamesHiscox08/02/1993Entry 183, Page 21CC W5Died 29/1/93
Sylvia BerthaRogers09/02/1993Entry 164, Page 21CC K3Died 1/2/93
MichaelBrook02/03/1993Entry 165, Page 21CC X1Died 26/2/93
RolandBates10/03/1993Entry 166, Page 21CC Y1Died 2/3/93
Harold JohnBateman03/04/1993Entry 167, Page 21CC Y2Died 29/3/93
ReginaldRowlands04/04/1993Entry 168, Page 21N child 12Died 16/1/93 adult ashes buried with child?
Willliam John JamesClark26/04/1993Entry 169, Page 22CC Y3Died 15/4/93
Freerick LeonardCrocker27/05/1993Entry 170, Page 22CC Y4Died 19/5/93
Herbert LeslieTurrall26/05/1993Entry 171, Page 22CC Y5Died 20/5/93
Herbert LeslieTurrall26/05/1993Entry 171, Page 22CC Y5Died 20/5/93