Year in the Bible



Although made up of 66 books written over thousands of years, by different authors, we believe that the whole Bible is one, unified story that leads to Jesus and has profound wisdom for the modern world.

Below are resources to help you read through the Bible in a year…

Commit yourself to reading a passage from the Bible each day. Each day there is a passage from the Bible to read and think about as well as a psalm to read and use prayerfully.

It should take you around 15 minutes a day.

There are also suggested short videos to watch which explain the outline of each book of the Bible or explain major themes in the Bible that will help you to understand it more. Some of these videos will be shown in church week by week. The videos are available to download in HD at or follow the links below to watch them on youtube.

If you miss a day, don’t be legalistic about catching up! Just read today’s passage and only fill in the blanks if you have time.

As we are all reading the same passages each day, take the opportunity to chat about what you’ve read with your friends over coffee or after church or whenever you meet.

>>>>> Download the daily reading plan here. <<<<<

If you have an android or apple phone or tablet, you can download the ‘Read Scripture’ app which will help you keep tabs on your journey through the reading plan and enable you to watch the videos on your device. This app is available from Google Play or the App Store.

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Youtube Video introductions to Bible books and themes can be found here…

Introductions to Old Testament Books

Introductions to New Testament Books

Videos on Biblical Themes